Creator KernCore
Creation 2010
Debut Problem, Soldier?
Type Adventurer
Alignment True Neutral
Attitude Enthusiastic
Abilities Pie rain
Super speed
Speaks Vaginese
Weaknesses Edibility
Status Repeatedly Eaten
Occupation Living food
Allies RED Heavy

Piegineer is a RED Engineer TF2 Freak created by retired YouTube user KernCore.


Piegineer appears as a regular RED Engineer, who can turn his body into a blueberry pie after proclaiming who he is.

He is able to assume this form offscreen, and is unknown wether he turns back into a regular Engineer after respawning or can turn his body back to a human somehow.

Behaviour and Personality

Piegineer's personality is reckless and unaware of danger. He mostly spends his time being oblivious to everything that happens around him, unless he witnesses something first-hand. He is also cowardly and helpless; when confronted by hostile parties, the first thing he'll do is flee and hide.

He is often very nice and polite to most people, but at the same time he is paranoid that he'll end up eaten due to his pie body. At some occasions, Piegineer has befriended some of the most dangerous freaks, such as Staregineer and Vagineer, most likely because they are Engineers as well.

Piegineer has had several bruises with the law, hinting that he is not all that nice. His crimes however always seem to be minor, distracting police officers of their activities.

Powers and Abilities

  • Piegineer can cause pies to rain from the sky; however it's supposed that this attack doesn't harm anyone.
  • Due to Piegineer not having any legs to walk, he uses levitation to move around.
  • Piegineer is surprisingly fast, theoretically capable of outrunning a Scout.
  • The last power Piegineer has is his ability of speaking fluent Vaginese. It's presumed that he won Vagineer's friendship through this ability.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Piegineer is extremely vulnerable to nearly everything. Due to usually lacking a proper body of his own, he is fragile and cannot battle even low-ranked freaks.
  • Piegineer can be killed simply by being eaten. Heavies especially can use this to their advantage.


  • Piegineer apparently has a silver 2005 Ford GT as his vehicle.
  • Several videos of other "pie"-classes can be found on YouTube, However, they were made just to parody Piegineer and aren't full fledged freaks on their own.

Notable Videos

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