Creator Scarifar1
Creation February 23rd, 2013
Debut Mischief Time: The Panoman
Type Freak
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Mischievous
Fighting style Melee (mainly)
Abilities Pan spam
Weaknesses Idiocity
Status Explosion surfing
Occupation Troublemaker
Enemies Anyone he annoys
Wrench Spy

Panoman is a RED Demoman TF2 Freak created by YouTube user Scarifar1.


Panoman is a RED Demoman who wears the Ghastly Gibus, the Bolgan Family Crest, and the Splendid Screen. He also wields a Frying Pan and a Loch-n-Load.

Behavior and Personality

Panoman loves to annoy people to the point of insanity with his pan, as his name implies. When threatened, however, he will run away, while leaving a trail of mischievous destruction behind him. However, there will be times when he stays and actually fights back.

Powers and Abilities

Panoman is much quicker and tougher than any normal Demoman would be, and he is completely resistant to all explosive damage.

Panoman can decide whether his hits cause any damage, allowing him to either spam his pan noise as much as he likes, or incapacitate his opponent. His pan can morph into a Persian Persuader, for when he wishes to actually fight.

His Loch-n-Load is modified to fire just about any projectile, from functioning stickybombs to Jarate.

He is capable of spawning in stickybombs of all kinds, each one producing a different effect

  • Regular and Scottish Resistance: The same as any other stickybomb would do.
  • Sticky Jumper: Knocks back according to opposite colors (ex. BLU bombs blowing away RED mercs), but does no damage.
  • Extra Spiky: Destroys Engie buildings, but does no damage or knockback.
  • There is one bomb that is not a sticky bomb, but rather the MvM tank's bomb, which is very destructive at short ranges.


His pan is his signature weapon, so if he is disarmed, he will do anything to get his pan and nothing else, not even eat or sleep. In this period, he will have increased speed and strength, but lower endurance.

Panoman will usually act first and think later, so he can be outsmarted quite easily.

The MvM tank bomb can only be spawned under Panoman's feet.


  • Panoman was originally going to wear just the Ghastly Gibus, but this was later changed due to the lack of originality.
  • Panoman was not one of the Freaks that Scarifar was originally going to create, and only really appeared due to the tennis with xXTrigantXx.
  • Even though they're both Demomen wielding pans, Demopan has no actual relation to Panoman.

Notable Videos

Mischief Time

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