Pancake Man
Creator BlueChameleon01
Creation May 23rd, 2010
Type Superhero
Alignment Lawful Good
Attitude Courageous
Fighting style Short- to mid-range
Abilities Pancake Throw
Dispenser Drop
Bonk Power-Up
Status Inactive
Occupation Superhero
Allies Cupcake Man†
Enemies Mad Medic†
Evil Engineer†
Savage Soldier†
The BLU Announcer†
Shady Spy

Pancake Man is a Bonk!-powered RED Scout superhero TF2 Freak created by YouTube user BlueChameleon01.

Appearance and Personality

Pancake Man looks mostly like an ordinary Scout, however there are some key differences between them. His shirt has a logo with a pancake and the letters P and M placed on the front- this appears to be his logo. He also wears a black mask over his eyes and wears red bandages, instead of the usual white.

Pancake Man is unusually kind towards his teammates for a Scout, exhibiting friendship to all members of the RED team he encounters, and has a liking for pancake-related puns. When encountering enemies, his attitude changes to that of a typical Scout. He mocks his opponents and becomes slightly arrogant. This arrogance sometimes lets him fall into traps prepared by his enemies.

Powers and Abilities

Pancake Man's primary ability is to launch pancakes at his opponents. The pancakes he launches appear to be unusually solid and maintain their circular and solid shape after being launched. These pancakes can be used to hit enemies, buttons or switch with uncanny accuracy (even ricocheting a pancake off of six surfaces and still hitting the target). Pancake Man can also launch several pancakes simultaneously.

Pancake Man's second offensive power is to call for a dispenser to drop from the heavens. To do this, he raises his arms to the sky and calls out "Need a dispenser here!". A RED dispenser then comes crashing down on his opponent's head before exploding.

Pancake Man can also drink RED Bonk! energy drinks to temporarily increase his power, or recover them if he loses them.

Pancake Man's final power is flight. He can fly with little effort, leaving a distinct red trail behind him as he does.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Pancake Man appears to have the same durability as any normal Scout. As a result, he lacks resilience and can be injured quite easily.
  • Pancake Man can be outsmarted by highly intelligent opponents who lay traps for him.
  • He is weakened by the sight of rainbows, which immediately disable his powers and cause him to start crying. However, he can recover from this by drinking Bonk!.
  • It is possible to interrupt Pancake Man's Dispenser Drop by distracting him- in which case the Dispenser will land on him instead.

Notable Videos

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