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Creator CrazyScoutFIN
Creation 18 Jan 2013
Debut Painisman!
Type Super Hero
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Crazy, Heroic
Fighting style Short Range
Abilities Flight
Super Human Fitness
Super Hearing
Weaknesses Incompetent
Status Alive
Occupation Super Hero
Enemies BLU Team

Painisman is a RED Soldier TF2 Freak, created by YouTube user CrazyScoutFIN

His main theme is the Spiderman theme.


Painisman appears as a RED Soldier wearing The King of Scotland Cape and the Dr's. Dapper Topper. He is also seen without the grenades on the bandolier.


Painisman originally started out as a normal RED soldier on cp_gorge. He once tried flying onto the roof of the main building, flopping onto the floor failing.

His teammates who witnessed the scene, a RED scout, medic, and heavy, laughed at him. He ran away to Sawmill, due to being upset by the embarrassment he felt. Once reaching Sawmill, he hid behind a bunch of wood. He then noticed a dead Demoman wearing the King of Scotland Cape and an afk Heavy wearing the Dr's. Dapper Topper.

He took off the cosmetics worn by the mercenaries, and tried flying. He was, unlike last time, successful. He then swore from that point on he would use his powers to stop the BLU team.

Behavior and Personality

Painisman is to say kindly, a nitwit. He is usually slow to react. While he very provoking to BLU, he seems to randomly kill RED teammates for just saying no, making him an anti-hero.

Powers and Abilities

Flight: He can fly up to Incredible Speeds, capable of covering large distances in a llittle ammount of time.

Super Human Fitness: He is considerably Stronger, Faster and more Durable than a Human, He had taken an Big Explosion at Point Blank and got Ragdolled by the Explosion, and manage to survive without any injures

Super Hearing: He can hear anyone scream up to incredible distances, Once he heard a Spy scream for help, and he manages to hear him, even being a long distance from there

Faults and Weaknesses

Incompetence: He is a Super Hero, and fails to be one, He is always too late or too slow to make an action

Dumb: Painisman is a Slow Thinker, He is not near to be a good strategist, being capable of be beaten by Smarter Opponents

Notable Videos

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​By the creator of the Freak


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