Oluapland is the setting of the videos created by YouTube user OluapPlayer, noted for being the home of a significant number of TF2 Freaks.


The distinctions between Oluapland and the "normal" TF2 Freak World are vague at best, as they were never specified; generally a video is only set in Oluapland if it is explicitly described as such by the author.

At first glance, it takes place in the same locations as one would expect from the TF2 Freak World, inhabited by both Freaks and common mercenaries. However, it can be told apart from otherwise normal places due to the occurrence of strange incidents and phenomena which affect its inhabitants, often in an humorous or violent manner. These events, described as "randumb", range from individuals speaking nonsense to randomly exploding to having their heads replaced with inanimate objects, among other effects. The mercenaries and native Freaks of the place generally treat these events with indifference as they are used to them, but to an outsider's view, they may come off as bizarre or dangerous.

In short, Oluapland is a place where slapstick comedy and comic relief govern over the laws of physics, for better or for worse.

TF2 Freaks are able to come and go from Oluapland at will, which is why distinguishing it from the "normal" World is difficult; usually, the only way to tell you are in Oluapland is to experience one of its randumb phenomena, or by explicitly following a native Freak to its home. While common humans are not able to tell the difference, it appears all TF2 Freaks can, regardless of their origin.


These phenomena occur frequently enough in Oluapland that they can be easily documented.

  • A character's head is shrunk and then replaced by an object, typically a TF2 weapon.
  • Immense and spontaneous explosions which typically kill anything in their radius.
  • Individuals providing stoic commentary on the fact they were just killed, i.e. a Spy reacting to his own death with "I do believe I'm dead." In addition, deaths generally do not stick and both mercenaries and TF2 Freaks respawn endlessly if killed, except in particularly rare occasions.
  • The Solemn Vow is treated as a weaponized paradox due to its "Do No Harm" plaque. Being harmed by the weapon (including even a minor bruise) leads to instant death on the target, be they a mercenary or a TF2 Freak, once they realize what just happened.
  • Character hitboxes are highly exaggerated when using the Huntsman, due to the weapon's infamous hitboxes in-game.
  • Spy backstabs are even deadlier than normal and typically kill anything instantly, due to being literal with the game mechanics (where backstabs deal 200% of the target's health in damage), leading to such things as knives instantly killing Vagineers.


Arena offblast final0002

The RED Paintraingineer is the closest thing Oluapland has to a 'leader'.

These Freaks are native to Oluapland.

Notable visitors

These Freaks are not native to Oluapland but are known to have been there.

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