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Official Heavy
Official Heavy.png
Creator OluapPlayer
Creation October 16, 2010
Debut Some random Gmod
video on Harvest
Type Enhanced human
Alignment Lawful Good
Attitude Serious, focused
Fighting style All ranges
Abilities Enhanced Strength
& Toughness
Considerable Arsenal
Dalokohs Bar
Status Alive
Occupation Police officer
International spy
Allies Jane Doe
Gentlemanly Demo
Enemies Thieving BLU Soldiers

Official Heavy is a Police Officer RED Heavy TF2 Freak created by YouTube user OluapPlayer.


Official Heavy's current appearance is of a RED Heavy wearing a Wiki Cap, the Security Shades, the Big Steel Jaw of Summer Fun and a License to Maim. He is known to make a characteristic "gum smile" (DS + MB face expressions) that he does almost all the time.

Personality and Behaviour

Officer Heavy is a heroic Freak who upholds the law and protects innocents from evil TF2 Freaks. While most Heavies are stereotyped as dim-witted, he is a highly focused and intelligent individual who never charges into the fray without a plan. He is righteous and unforgiving for those who threaten the stability of the TF2 Freak World, leading him to be one of the most respected inhabitants of Oluapland. Official Heavy is typically cool and composed, though enough provocation may send him into a rage, where he will beat down his foe into submission by any means necessary.


Official Heavy's history is a long but fascinating one. It began when he was a simple RED Heavy. All he had ever wanted was to be memorable, but everyone he met could not recognize him. On the day that he was forgotten for the last time, he lost his mind and was killed by a BLU Milkman Scout. However, he soon respawned with most of his mind back. He swore from then on to be unforgettable and, grabbing a Familiar Fez and two SMGs, renamed himself Familiar Heavy.

Familiar Heavy.

Familiar Heavy was an idol to Heavies everywhere. He punished hat thieves, exorcised evil spirits, and singlehandedly annihilated entire armies. Unfortunately, his Familiar Fez eventually fell into legal trouble with the real Familiar Heavy and was fired. Familiar Heavy was deeply saddened, but a RED Scout offered him a Wiki Cap and some Security Shades, absolutely free of charge. As the now-nameless Heavy would not let the loss stop him from living his dream, as well as desiring to become legally acceptable, unlike his old hat, he became Official Heavy and set out to continue his occupation. He is currently an honorary international Freelance Police officer and a spy, and a loose cannon amongst all loose cannons.

At one point of his career, Official Heavy confronted his arch-enemy Commander Private for the first time and destroyed his base at Gullywash. During that mission he also met Gentlemanly Demo and the BLU Soldier who would later become his friend, Jane Doe.

Powers and Abilities

Official Heavy is a powerful fighter in terms of both weapons and bare hands. His favorite weapons are a pair of standard SMGs, but he is capable of using other guns such as miniguns, shotguns, and rocket launchers as well. He is several times stronger than a regular Heavy and can withstand much more damage than one too.

Official Heavy is capable of killing enemies by taunting with his fists, which is an attack he typically uses to finish off his opponents. He has also been seen headbutting foes, so that they are struck directly to the face by his Big Steel Jaw of Summer Fun.

Official Heavy's most striking ability is being able to transform himself into a Dalokohs Bar, which allows him to levitate and move through tight spaces.

Faults and Weaknesses

Despite being a hulking brawler with a vast arsenal, Official Heavy has a couple of weaknesses. Unlike many other Freaks, he lacks any kind of special power except for his Dalokohs Transformation, which is not useful in combat.

  • While he is quite intelligent, Official Heavy is overconfident and underestimates his enemies often. A clever enemy can use this to outsmart and ambush him.
  • While he is substantially stronger and tougher than a normal Heavy, there is still a limit to how much damage Official Heavy can take.
  • In his Dalokohs Bar form Official Heavy can be killed by just simply being eaten.

Freak Fights

Participants Video Result
Familiar Heavy vs. Thieving BLU Soldiers Some random Gmod video on Harvest Win
Familiar Heavy vs. BLU Nnnngh Sniper Some random Gmod video on Harvest Loss
Official Heavy vs. Caberneer Official Heavy Loss
Official Heavy vs. single Thieving BLU Soldier Official Heavy rescues an innocent female Win
Official Heavy vs. Thieving BLU Soldiers Official Heavy punches his way through Hydro Win
Official Heavy vs. Thieving BLU Soldiers Tales of Official and Doe Win
Official Heavy vs. BLU Pyrogun Tales of Official and Doe Win
Official Heavy vs. Thieving BLU Soldiers Meet the Official Heavy Win
Official Heavy vs. Piss Cakehole & Dragh Vundabar Piss Cakehole VS Dragh Vundabar (Part 2) Win
Official Heavy vs. Destroyer Endgame Loss
Official Heavy & Old Bloke vs. PRL Vagineer The Amazing Fauna of Hydro Win


  • Official Heavy's name is technically a grammar mistake by the creator; as evident by his police officer motif, he was meant to be named "Officer Heavy", but was accidentally named "Official" instead. The creator only realized the mistake days after the video announcing the name was uploaded and chose to just stick with it for practicality's sake, as he was unwilling to rename him a third time.
  • Official Heavy apparently knows how to speak Vaginese, as one of his catchphrases, "It was long trip!", is spoken backwards. His face also gains a distinct "vagified" distortion to it when he speaks at times.
  • The original version, Familiar Heavy, was changed to Official Heavy due to complaints of YouTube user TF2Coverop, who had an identical-looking Heavy as his TF2sona and was offended by Familiar Heavy's existence.
  • Official Heavy was originally meant to be one of the protagonists of Doppelganger's Rampage. However, this idea was scrapped in favor of using Magic Mann instead, because of the similarities between Soldine and Official Heavy's abilities and weaponry.

Notable Videos

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