Odd Engie
Odd Engie
Creator USAFMike
Creation June 27, 2010
Debut Crouching Engies, Hidden
Type Abomination
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Hostile, erratic
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Inhuman fitness
Status Various

Odd Engie is an entire species of Odd TF2 Monsters, including numerous RED and BLU individuals displaying a plethora of various malformations. It was created by YouTube user USAFMike.


The most common deformities amongst Odd Engies include large, flipper-like hands, stocky bodies and elongated necks. They frequently possess misplaced helmets. Some of them show disfigurement similar to that of a Vagineer, and several of them have been observed changing their shape on a whim.

Behaviour and Personality

Odd Engies are a hostile species which are known to attack groups of mercenaries both individually and in packs. Though usually aggressive and combative, they cower in fear when outmatched.

Powers and Abilities

Odd Engies are capable of wall-crawling & even wall phasing, which they often use to ambush unsuspecting victims. Most Odd Engies possess increased durability. Some of them exhibit inhuman strength as well, and are capable of neck-lifting humans with little effort.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Odd Engies lack any known form of ranged combat.
  • Odd Engies are still vulnerable to gunfire despite their toughness.


  • Odd Engies are one of the few completely SFM-driven Monsters.

Notable Videos

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