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Creator Jimbomcb
Creation Jan 11, 2010
Debut nope.avi
Type Engineer
Alignment True Neutral
Attitude Blank
Fighting style Staring
Abilities Stretching his neck
Weaknesses Little combat capability
Status Running Gag
Occupation None

Nopegineer is an Engineer monster with a long neck. While it does not have much of a presence in the world of TF2 Freaks, it has gained minor popularity as a meme.

He has no apparent theme, but his stare theme is Borderlands 2, Skag Gully High Action.


Nopegineer is unremarkable from the average engineer with the exception of stretching its neck to varying heights, sometimes raising it's hardhat above it's head before extending it's neck to the same height. There is also a RED Nopegineer who has no notable differences appearance wise, besides for team orientation.

Personality and Behavior

Nopegineer is very blank personality and behavior wise. He acts with very little expression, usually sitting around with a blank face and tone. He also shows little emotion, only reacting to a scout by staring at them.


Nopegineer's most obvious and notable ability is stretching its neck after saying its line, nope. However, the RED Nopegineer is capable of stretching it's neck to much higher heights.

There has also been an instance where Nopegineer stared at a scout for a long enough period of time, causing the scout to die.

Both Nopegineers wield a wrench. However, the RED one wields an Australlium one.


Nopegineer has very little combat abilities, and his stare takes a long time to even kill.

Also, if the RED Nopegineer were to be attacked while his neck is high up in the sky, he could barely defend himself, which is not much of a weakness considering his combat capability.


Like Up high spy and Odd Scout, Nopegineer was made in SFM.

Since RED Nopegineer weilds an Australlium wrench, he could use the power to at least put up a fight with freaks. However, it is unknown if he can harness the wrench's power.

Notable Videos.

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