Night of the Sewer Medic
Author AboAbdulable
Genre Action, Horror
Original run October 17th, 2011 - November 10th, 2011
No. of episodes 2 (De facto)
Runtime 06:55 minutes
Protagonist RED Engineer
Heroes Painis Cupcake
Antagonist Sewer Medic

Night of the Sewer Medic is a YouTube video series about gb7zone7 's finest TF2 Monster, the Sewer Medic. The series is made by YouTube user AboAbdulable.


Part 1

One night at ctf_doublecross, a BLU Spy saw a RED Engineer with his sentry at the BLU Base. Therefore, the spy disguises himself as Painis Cupcake and frightens Engie as Painis making him flee and sapping his sentry in the process. While the Engie was hiding from the "Painis" disguised spy he realizes that he was doublecrossed by the spy. As Running away before getting caught, the spy falls unintentionally near the BLU base sewer entry. As he entered the sewer trying to get back to his base, he witnessed strange noises and a strange entity climbing through the walls of the sewer behind the shadows, soon enough, he encounters the Sewer Medic in which it leads him to his death. The RED Engie then hears some savage screaming coming out of the BLU base sewers. Going to check it out the Engie finds the BLU Spy brutally murdered. Soon enough, he meets Sewer Medic in which Engie got his warnings from him to leave his sewer. Engie replyed with a simple "No", leading the Sewer Medic to get mad and hypersonic scream at Engie in which he runs away before having the same fate as the BLU Spy. Finding the spy's disguise kit, engie disguises himself as the BLU Sewer Medic, leaving him unharmed from the RED Sewer Medic.

Part 2

A few minutes later after the 1st part, a RED Scout was about to leave the resupply room only to be interrupted by the real Painis Cupcake and ends up as an another victim by Painis. Meanwhile, the RED Engineer was sitting once again near the BLU Base with his sentry, playing guitar and watching the Sewer Medic laying and guarding his sewer from trespassers. Soon enough, Painis Cupcake meets the RED Engineer in which engie mistakes him for the BLU Spy that doublecrossed him a few minutes ago. The engineer tries to shoot Painis thinking he's the BLU Spy in disguise, but to no avail, therefore noticing he's the actual Painis Cupcake. The RED engie then flees to the BLU Base only to get interrupted by the Sewer Medic at the sewer stairs. The Engie runs away making Painis meeting Sewer Medic. Like how most TF2 Freaks meet each other for the 1st time, they engaged in a fist fight ending with Painis defeated. The Sewer Medic then goes to the BLU base intelligence room, where the RED Engie was hiding. The Sewer Medic finds him and is extremely mad and Übercharged. Unknown what happened after that as the Part ends there.

List of Episodes


  • The RED Sewer Medic seems to dwell in the sewers of the BLU base.
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