Necklace Sniper
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Creator CrazyScoutFIN
Creation 21st April 2015
Debut Necklace
Type Psychopath
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Fighting style None
Status Alive
Occupation Making Necklaces
Allies Unknown
Enemies Unknown

Necklace Sniper is a RED Sniper TF2 Freak created by YouTube user CrazyScoutFIN.

His theme is Chill by Kevin MacLeod.


Necklace Sniper appears as a RED Sniper wearing a Sydney Straw Boat. He sometimes seen wearing one of his "necklaces".


Necklace Sniper was one of several snipers who followed the code of "Bushman's Rules". In an attempt to prove his worth, he travelled to the camp of the leader of the "Bushman's Rules" Snipers.

His initial attempts to prove himself are failures and he quickly proves incompetent. He takes out his anger on one of the other Snipers and soon finds himself imprisoned for killing of the camp's Snipers. 

At that moment the camp is raided by a group of BLU spies, who leave only Necklace Sniper unharmed, while the leader of the "Bushman's Rules" Snipers lays dieing among the bodies of the other Snipers. Necklace Sniper uses the Sniper leader (despite his objections) as his first "Necklace", swearing to carry on the tradition of the group.

Personality and Behavior

Necklace Sniper has an unhealthy obsession with creating "Necklaces" out the bodies of crippled mercenaries, appearing the moment a mercenary suffers a severe but non-lethal injury. Despite insisting that these individuals are dead, the only subjects that have been seen being used as his necklaces were alive at the time. This behaviour is connected to a code of conduct he and other Snipers refer to as "Bushman's Rules". Once he has completed a necklace he will typically remark "Done. I'm actually impressed."

Other notable traits include a strange walking cycle which consists of his legs flopping around on the ground.

Powers and Abilities 

Necklace Sniper's only unique ability is to contort the bodies of those he uses for necklaces into a shape he can wear around his neck. This is usually accompained by the sound of cracking bones.

He has also been seen flying (albeit at slow speeds) by flailing his arms and legs in a similar fashion to his walk cycle. However, he has been seen flying at high speeds yelling, "HOOT!".

Faults and Weaknesses

  • To all intents and purposes, Necklace sniper is an ordinary sniper with no real defense against other mercs, as he always appears unarmed.

Notable Videos

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