Creator SpeedyLizzard14
Creation 21 August 2010
Debut moodic.exe
Type Abomination
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Eerie
Fighting style Short- to mid-range
Abilities Inhuman fitness
Terrifying presence
Status Alive
Occupation Scientist (Formerly)

Moodic is an eerie RED Medic TF2 Monster created by YouTube user SpeedyLizzard14 and adopted by RawrNinjaBurgers.

He is the main protagonist of THE MOODIC'S REVENGE

His theme is Half-Life 2 - Radio.


In 1945, the man who would become Moodic conducted an experiment in a Nazi facility located on cp_mountainlab. His device apparently overcharged during the process, causing a large explosion which launched the man into the air on a long flight.

Eventually, he landed on cp_degrootkeep. Despite the fatal amount of trauma such events would normally result in, he survived and his reality-warping powers activated soon afterward.

Personality and Behaviour

Moodic is a vicious and malevolent being. He tends to appear completely unexpected at various locations, and then proceeds to stare emptily at whatever individuals happen to be in the vicinity. Subsequently, he utilises his horrific powers to warp the reality into a nightmare-like state and then messily murder his chosen victim.

Usually, he laughs in an unsettling manner before going in for the kill. In addition, he sometimes utters short phrases of low-pitched gibberish, similar to Vaginese.

Powers and Abilities

Moodic's most noticeable ability is to suddenly appear out of thin air. Shortly after doing so, he proceeds to warp the reality around him, forcing himself and his would-be victim into a nightmarish pocket dimension full of blood and shadows.

It seems there are two ways in which he kills. The first one consists of presumably mutilating his victims barehanded, though it is impossible to say for certain since he does this in a brief but absolute period of total darkness. The other one involves spitting a large sawblade out of his mouth with enough force to swiftly bifurcate his target.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Moodic acts in a rather languid manner, which creates an opportunity for fast Freaks to somehow counter him.
  • He lacks any means of long-range combat.
  • Though it has not been verified yet, he presumably is not much more durable than a regular Medic.


  • He shares some traits and the leitmotif with Rabic, another disturbing Medic TF2 Monster.

Notable Videos

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