Men of Mystery
Creator Xho
Creation August 6th, 2012
Debut Interesting Spy Has A Few
Type Zombie
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Mindless
Fighting style Close Range
Abilities Contortionist flexibility
Superior strength
Weaknesses Fragile
Status At large
Occupation Servants
Superiors Nightmare Medic
Subordinates None

The Men of Mystery are a group of RED Spy-like TF2 Monsters created by YouTube user Xho3.

Personality and Behaviour

The Men of Mystery are mindless; devoid of any emotion and can only follow orders given to them by their masters - Nightmare Medic and his subordinates. Whilst carrying out an order, Men of Mystery behave oddly, almost in a zombified fashion. They do not speak at all, nor do they ever look at their enemy directly, as if they were blind. Often, Men of Mystery fail at their job, much to the annoyance of their more-than-capable masters. Due to the fact they rarely remember their orders and have their own, strange intentions, Nightmare Medic makes an example of them by killing them as a punishment.

Powers and Abilities

The Men of Mystery excel at close range fighting. Usually, they are able to outmatch most near-human freaks, and always fight in a contortionist way - one example being able to dodge a blade by bending their backs unnaturally far. Men of Mystery also appear to be stronger than the average Spy, able to hurl Interesting Spy some distance one handed. Men of Mystery can also teleport much like their master, albeit much slower. Men of Mystery are also very fast when it comes to combat, at an unnatural pace when attempting to slice at an enemy.

Faults and Weaknesses

Despite being dangerous at close range, the Men of Mystery are exceedingly poor fighters at a long range. Any enemy able to fight at some distance can take out a Man of Mystery very easily. On top of that, Men of Mystery are not very durable, probably less so than the average Spy. Men of Mystery often attack in groups, so explosive weapons can take many of them out at once.


  • Xho stumbled upon the Under Cover headgear in Garry's Mod by accident; giving way to the idea of a mute enemy.

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