Creator OluapPlayer
Creation January 4th, 2011
Debut Offblast Shenanigans
Type Living masks
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Attitude Defensive
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Pecking
Status Alive
Superiors Indian Heavy

The Medibirds are a species of living Blighted Beak TF2 Freaks created by YouTube user OluapPlayer.


Medibirds appear as regular Blighted Beaks. They come in all variations of the item's colors and styles. One of them owns a BLU Bloke's Bucket Hat stolen from a Sniper who once attacked them.

Behaviour and Personality

Medibirds are rude creatures and think themselves as smarter than everybody else. They tend to look down on others for this reason, and have a very low opinion on animalistic Freaks like Pootis Birds. However, they may provide aid to those in need if it suits them or if they are asked by the Indian Heavy.

Powers and Abilities

Despite being just masks, Medibirds are able to fly freely through the air. They are strong enough to carry fully-grown humans when working as a pair. Their sole means of offense is pecking their enemies, which proves inconvenient to other TF2 Freaks but painful to common mercenaries.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Medibirds are about as resilient as normal birds, and can be killed very easily by just about anything.

Notable Videos

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