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Marshal Spy
Marshal Spy
Creator Uberman765
Creation 23 July 2012
Debut Dat Intelligence
Status Alive
Enemies BLU Team

Marshal Spy is a RED Spy TF2 Freak created by YouTube user Uberman765.

Appearance and Personality

He uses nothing in his Debut Video, in Who Captured Dat Intelligence he earned a Medic's Mountain Cap, His Personality is of an Mad person that is annoyed all the time by Top Hat Spy, but they are close friends even if he is annoyed, that he was sad with the "death" of the Top Hat Spy, showing that he cares with the team and friends.

Power and Abilites

He is the second strongest freak on the Triology Dat Intelligence by Punching the Top Hat Spy and making he fly to the sky, he is a Weapon Master like Spraaps, and very durable for standing for a enormous explosion and did not bleed.


He is not resistance to bullets or some physical attacks

Notable Videos


His name "Marshal Spy" is based on the Military Highest rank on some contruies: Marshal

He is maybe one of the most angered and easily annoyed freaks

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