Mann of Mystery
Creator Xho
Creation August 6th 2012
Debut Interesting Spy Has
A Few Issues
Type Zombie
Alignment Neutral Evil
Attitude Violent, mute
Fighting style Close Range
Status At large
Occupation Zombie
Superiors Nightmare Medic
Subordinates Men of Mystery
Allies Infierno

The Mann of Mystery is a RED Spy TF2 Monster and the elite Men of Mystery zombie, created by YouTube user Xho. He wears an Air of Debonair Dead Head, Chicago Overcoat and Rouge's Col Roule.

Personality and Behaviour

Completely mute by definition, the Mann of Mystery to most is simply a silent but barbaric individual who carries out Nightmare Medic's command with far more efficiency than his inferiors - where the Men of Mystery fail, the Mann of Mystery is sent to rectify the problem. As merciless as the rest of Nightmare Medic's servants, the Mann of Mystery does not tolerate failure. He is also the most separate of the number of demons that serve Nightmare Medic - whilst Sentinel, Behemoth and Infierno often work together, the Mann of Mystery is typically solitary.

Powers and Abilities

Having been raised from the dead, the Mann of Mystery has an immunity to pain and bears no reaction to pain being inflicted upon him - however, this does not mean that he is totally invulnerable to impact. He is however, the most evenly skilled member of Nightmare Medic's servants, and possesses an equilibrium of strength and speed - strong enough to easily lift vehicles overhead. The only magical power that the Mann of Mystery has is the power to summon the lesser Men of Mystery to his aid. As a zombie, he does not possess any demonic powers that his allies do.

The Mann of Mystery wields a large spiked club that he uses with deadly proficiency to bludgeon any opponent that stands in his way. It has been known to effortlessly decapitate lesser enemies, and severely wound most enemies of his own level of strength.

Faults and Weaknesses

Despite his immunity to pain, the Mann of Mystery is somewhat slow when swinging his club and usually presents himself as an open target in mid-swing. Whilst very deadly at close range, any opponent with a considerable advantage of speed over the Mann of Mystery has a far greater chance of incapacitating him. His immunity to pain brings the ultimate downside of being unaware of the severity of his wounds, and therefore the Mann of Mystery is incapable of testing just how powerful his opponent might be.


  • The Mann of Mystery has gone through three significant iterations; one of which was most similar to a normal Mann of Mystery, the second of which was in likeness to a mannequin, and the third and current one.

Notable Videos

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