Creator PowerMetalHead2
Creation March 12, 2011
Debut SeaSpy Meets......
Type Lava-elemental
Alignment Neutral Evil
Attitude Hostile
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Martial arts

Lava manipulation

Status Alive
Enemies SeaSpy

"I'm going to gut you like a cornish game hen."
LavaSpy's intentions

LavaSpy is a RED Spy lava-elemental TF2 Freak accompanied by a pet Groudon. He was created by YouTube user PowerMetalHead2.

His battle theme is Two Steps From Hell - He Who Brings The Night.


LavaSpy appears as a RED Spy wearing a Big Chief and Le Party Phantom. His voice has a notable lower pitch compared to other Spies.

Behaviour and Personality

Not much is known about LavaSpy except for his affinity with fire and his rivalty with the King of Sea, SeaSpy. It's possible that LavaSpy is the King of Lava, by extension. He lives in the depths of a volcano with his pet Groudon, possibly plotting his next attack on SeaSpy.

Unlike SeaSpy who acts with an air of arrogance and pride, LavaSpy appears to be mostly neutral. However, he's still a malevolent entity who'll destroy anything between him and his objective: fighting and defeating SeaSpy.

Powers and Abilities

LavaSpy, as his name implies, has the power of lava and fire. He can survive in contact with lava, and can protect himself with a layer of solidified lava.

In addition, he's a very powerful martial fighter, rivalling SeaSpy in skill and wielding a large axe in battle. While fighting, he's also asisted by his pet Groudon, a large and powerful beast with powerful fire abilities.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • LavaSpy has no known means of ranged combat, making him vulnerable against ranged Freaks.
  • Being a fire elemental, he's prone to taking increased damage from water-based attacks.
  • While very tough, LavaSpy isn't very resillient.


He made a Cameo on the TV Channel SeaSpy was watching on, battleing a Pokemon

Notable Videos

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