King Caberface
Creator Xho
Creation July 24th 2012
Debut Dawn of the Nightmare
Type Human
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Grumpy, annoying
Fighting style Short Range
Status Alive
Repeatedly killed/knocked
Occupation Drunkard
Allies Interesting Spy
Bob and Bob

King Caberface is the name given to a RED Demoman TF2 Freak created by YouTube user Xho. He is a recurring character in his videos.


Before this Demoman was given his name, he was a mercenary like Interesting Spy and the two Bobs. Like all Demomen, this Demoman was an explosives expert and was an impressive explosives expert to be certain.

One night, the team which this Demoman was a part of had tracked down a RED-Beta Soldier, with Bob shooting him down. Seconds after, the Nightmare Medic had unleashed hell upon the team, killing a Pyro and Soldier, and knocking the Demoman, Heavy, Engineer and the BLU Bob unconscious. It was only until Erzengel and Dream Demoman saved them all from Nightmare Medic's wrath, and Erzengel in combat against Nightmare Medic were they all saved. Although, this Demoman was left behind.

Not very many know what happened between the time and Nightmare Medic's attack on the team, but the Demoman garnered the name King Caberface.

Appearance and Personality

King Caberface is a RED Demoman with a Prince Tavish's Crown, the King of Scotland Cape, the Cool Breeze and lacks grenades. His personality is very similar to any other Demoman - a drunkard. However, King Caberface has a cocky, arrogant personality which often gets him into trouble.

Powers and Abilities

Whilst possessing no visually different traits, King Caberface has an arguable power to get on the nerves of any other Freak with relative ease. He is arguably physically stronger than the average Demoman, after beating Interesting Spy to the ground in two apparent punches.

At one point in time, King Caberface was Interesting Spy's mode of transport - dubbed a 'Nah Nah board'. In that state King Caberface could levitate and move at incredible speeds. King Caberface has a high resistance to pain in that respect.

Judging by his namesake, Caberface possibly has a powerful ability with a Caber. This is yet to be seen however.

Faults and Weaknesses

Although a Freak with a somewhat high pain threshold King Caberface has been subject to numerous forms of damage - killed by Nightmare Medic shooting a crossbow into his head at point blank range, being forced away with telekinesis, turned into a surfboard by Interesting Spy and punched across the room by the RED Bob, presumably killing him there as well. King Caberface is not particularly intelligent (less so than to attempt to annoy Bob) and rather unintelligent to annoy Interesting Spy.

Notable Videos


  • King Caberface is one of two 'lesser characters' shown in Xho's videos - the other being a RED Heavy.
  • King Caberface is extremely similar to another Demoman Freak, Captain Demoman.
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