Kid Friendly Heavy
Kid Friendly Heavy
Creator gb7zone7
Creation 17 January 2011
Type Human
Alignment True Neutral
Attitude Kid-friendly
Fighting style Unknown
Abilities Spelling
Reality Warping
Status Repeatedly dying
Occupation Kid's TV Show Host

Kid Friendly Heavy is a RED Heavy TF2 Freak created by YouTube user gb7zone7.

He is a parody character of kid shows where the host talks and interacts with the young audience, which in Kid Friendly Heavy's case is shown to be Scouts.


Kid Friendly Heavy appears as a RED Heavy wearing an Outdoorsman. Other than his hat, he appears the same as a standard Heavy.

Behaviour and Personality

Kid Friendly Heavy travels around the Freak World on his kids show, making questions and teaching his audience of unseen Scouts things such as spelling.

He appears to be neutral to most things around him, and doesn't seem to be aggressive at all, actually appearing cowardly when in danger.

Kid Friendly Heavy apparently lives in a manor located in the Underworld's apparent endless sea, being only accessible by boat.

He has the powers of cartoon physics, and can make comic relief.

Powers and Abilities

Kid Friendly Heavy doesn't seem to have any powers or abilities other than (very bad) spelling. When trying to spell "Isaac", he spelled the first two letters then repeatedly said the letter A until gb7zone7's TF2sona smacked him into the ground.

He tends to say the Doctor is in the *anything* when he sees a Medic, which makes some angry.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Kid Friendly Heavy doesn't have any means of defending himself if he's attacked by a more powerful TF2 Freak.
  • He is also notably cowardly, prefering to run away or scream instead of fighting.
  • He can doze off while saying his ABC's, saying A multiple times.

Notable Videos

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