Jarate Cake Dick
Creator treboruk92
Creation 26 February 2010
Debut Jarate Cake Dick is born
Type Rapist
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Fighting style Short- to mid-range
Abilities Crotch-shot
Kukri arsenal
Limb Regeneration
Status Active
Allies His BLU counterpart
Enemies Disco Heavy

Jarate Cake Dick is a RED Sniper TF2 Freak created by YouTube user treboruk92. He is loosely based on Painis Cupcake. There also exists a BLU counterpart at Teufort.

Behavior and Personality

Jarate Cake Dick roams the game world in order to "quack" as many people as possible, leaving them "quacked" on the ground afterwards. Though he seems to prefer to "quack" a particular BLU Heavy, he is also seen "quacking" other mercenaries (regardless of their team), Sandviches, Sentries and intelligences. He was also seen trying to quack Painis Cupcake, without success.

Besides his usual quacking, he is not entirely evil, as he was seen happily dancing to the song YMCA by Village People.

Powers and Abilities

Though Jarate Cake Dick is meant to be a rip-off of Painis Cupcake, he shows several abilities that differ from those of the cannibalistic Soldier.

  • He can carry several Kukris at once, as seen when he was threatening his favourite victim at Gravel Pit, throwing three "Tribalmen's Shiv" to nail him to the wall and quack him without any resistance.
  • When threatened and attacked by his victims, JCD shoots bullets from his crotch, that can easily tear even a Heavy into pieces.
  • JCD can also teleport by using a special "quack-dance".
    • However, since he teleports without dancing when beaten up by Disco Heavy, this ability is debatable.

Some of his other abilities include:

  • Limb regeneration similiar to Vagineer.
  • An arm that is strong enough to decapitate a Demoman by throwing a Sandvich.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Jarate Cake Dick is not above the defense of a regular Sniper, besides his limb regenaration, and suffers the same knockback.
  • During his teleportation activation dance and while he dances to "YMCA", he is open for surprise attacks.
  • He does not seem to be intelligent either, which makes it easy to outsmart him.
  • As he usually moves around like the freak he is based on, he can be easily heard and avoided because of the shotgun cocking noises he makes.

Notable Videos

By the creator of the Freak

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