Creator Scarifar1
Creation December 25th, 2012
Debut Iris the Giftgiver
Type Saint
Alignment Neutral Good
Attitude Generous, big-hearted
Abilities Teleportation
Spawning Gifts
Status Alive
Occupation Traveler

Iris is a Teamless Female Scout TF2 Freak created by Scarifar1.

Her theme is Mr. Blue Sky by Electronic Light Orchestra (AKA ELO).

Appearance and Behavior

Iris wears a Hermes, a pair of Summer Shades, a Spirit of Giving, and a purple bow.

Iris loves to travel around the GMod world and make friends with whomever she meets. She is always cheerful, and usually has a smile on her face. She dislikes anything she considers to be evil and will try to put a stop to it, if she can. Regardless, she can be quite brutal if she wants to, although she will refuse to kill anyone.

Powers and Abilities

  • Iris' hands will glow, and the world bends to her will, usually resulting in an item to be spawned, but she can force other things to be done, such as combining a weapon with Australium.
  • She is capable of teleporting from place to place to deliver her gifts as quickly as possible. Her teleports cause flashes of light capable of blinding people for a few seconds.
  • She possesses strong persuasion abilities, enough to allow even Heavydile and Sewer Medic be friendly to each other, at least for a day. She does not use this often because she believes it to be wrong to control others against their will.
  • She can summon a bat (Sandman or regular bat) to deal with adversaries that she comes across.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • She is only as durable as a regular Scout, so she will not endure very long if she is hit. She also has a low tolerance for pain.
  • Her powers require full concentration, so they may not function properly when distracted or stressed.


  • Iris is the name of the Greek rainbow messenger goddess, and Hermes (her hat) is the name of one of the 12 main Greek gods, who is also a messenger god.
  • The FaG Scout is her brother.
  • The Spirit of Giving on her chest is not just a mere accessory...
  • Iris went through a series of ideas (ex. demon girl w/ kind soul) along with appearances (included Fallen Angel misc) until everything fitted together into the girl she is now.
  • On Christmas, she will carry a cane to celebrate the Christmas spirit.

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