Intelligent Heavy Goes to Oluapland
Author minifett and OluapPlayer
Genre Adventure
Original run January 12, 2012 - February 26, 2012
No. of episodes 2
Protagonist Intelligent Heavy

Nnnngh Sniper

Heroes Gentlemanly Demo


Antagonist RED Spyper
Villains Thieving BLU Soldiers


Intelligent Heavy Goes to Oluapland is a cancelled "tennis" series created by YouTube users minifett and OluapPlayer.

The videos tell the story of Intelligent Heavy and Spyper, who after a teleportation mishap, find themselves lost in a strange world called "Oluapland". Now they must unite forces with OluapPlayer and a Nnnngh Sniper to find their way home, while evading the bizarre and random phenomena that happen all over the place.



From left to right, starting with the back row: Vortibill, Gentlemanly Demo, RED Spyper, Pyrogun, Battle Bob Soldier. Front row: MeeM, OluapPlayer, Intelligent Heavy, Spyper and Nnnngh Sniper.

Plot overview

Part 1

Spyper is playing with the Unusual Hat Headcrab in gm_bigcity when he is called by Intelligent Heavy, who has built a new machine, which appears as a toaster with a PDA on its side. When asked what it did, Heavy replies that he has no idea. Upon testing the machine, it simply dispenses a waffle, when it suddenly teleports both Heavy and Spyper to a blank white dimension.

At first, Intelligent Heavy thinks they have died, when a pair of Engineers, one with a monitor for a head and another with a Lugermorph for a head appear and start to poke fun of them. A Pocket Medic and a Sergeant Plushie also appear beside the Heavy, who notices Spyper has been replaced with a regular Sniper.

Intelligent Heavy is then hit by the plushies and finds himself in arena_lumberyard, where OluapPlayer and a Nnnngh Sniper find him and Spyper. Meanwhile, the Unusual Hat Headcrab awaits their return...

Part 2

Intelligent Heavy and Spyper look around to see the two bizarre men watching them. They also notice Vortibill, Gentlemanly Demo and Pyrogun are also there, but everyone seems friendly. Heavy asks for help, and OluapPlayer agrees to aid both of them, taking them to his laboratory.

In there, OluapPlayer shows Intelligent Heavy a teleportation device that can send them back home easily, while Nnnngh Sniper mocks Spyper for being a "Spy-head mutant".

However, as they are about to teleport, a group of thieving BLU Soldiers led by a Battle Bob Soldier knock Pyrogun out and attack the laboratory, damaging the teleporter without everyone noticing. Heavy, Spyper, OluapPlayer and Sniper all escape through the teleporter, while Demo and Vortibil stay behind to kill the BLU Soldiers.

OluapPlayer and Heavy find themselves teleported to a forest instead of Heavy's own world, and are quickly surrounded by a pack of wild MeeMs. Spyper and Nnnngh Sniper teleport to somewhere away from them, and can only hear their screams for help...

List of episodes


  • RED Spyper was supposed to be the main antagonist of the series, though it did not have enough episodes for him to be introduced.
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