Creator Xho
Creation 26th August 2012
Debut Stupid Demons
Type Demon
Alignment Neutral Evil
Attitude Mischievous
Abilities Demonic powers
Weaknesses Cowardly
Status At large
Occupation Servant
Demon Lord
Superiors Nightmare Medic
Subordinates Men of Mystery
Allies Sentinel
Mann of Mystery
Enemies Reaper

Infierno is demonic Pyro TF2 Monster created by YouTube Xho, and the second in command of Nightmare Medic's forces.

Appearance and Personality

Infierno is (dubiously) the most intelligent of Nightmare Medic's servants, responsible for much of their exploits across the Freak World and through the use of the Men of Mystery. He is equipped with a Fallen Angel, Tail From the Crypt, Blazing Bull, Tribal Bones and the HazMat Headcase.

As old as Nightmare Medic himself, Infierno is his most trusted servant and frequently manages to escape the ire of his master, though not always. Despite his jurisdiction over Sentinel and Behemoth, Sentinel rarely obeys Infierno's commands, and often Infierno falls under Sentinel's control.

Infierno is particularly cowardly - something which disappoints Nightmare Medic somewhat, as it has cost him some expense in the past. Infierno is quick to panic in aggressive situations, and, even regarding his convoluted schemes, frequently falls short of succeeding.

Powers and Abilities

As the life-long servant of Nightmare Medic, Infierno is immortal, though this only manifests itself in being physically destroyed in the TF2 Freak World and being revived in Hell (which has happened various times).

Infierno is, like his master, capable of a wide variety of demonic powers, though he rarely uses pyrokinetic powers and instead conjures objects to ensnare others into his plans; a favourite of his is to conjure gift boxes in the Underworld in front of a portal to Hell.

Infierno is considerably more confident in the presence of his allies, and, as a combatant, is more useful to Nightmare Medic in massive invasive forces.

Faults and Weaknesses

Infierno's cowardice is paramount in his personality; Infierno has lost many battles and has had many of his plans foiled due to the lack of composure he carries. This has grated on Sentinel more than once, as well as Nightmare Medic.

Infierno also lacks physical durability and strength, and often meets a temporary demise at the hands of an enemy.

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