Infected Germedic
Creator ASpider25
Creation May 26, 2010
Debut Infected Germedic.wmv
Type Mutant
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Aggressive
Fighting style Short- to mid-range
Abilities Inhuman fitness
Status Deceased
Subordinates Mutant offspring
Allies Mutated Burger

Infected Germedic was an übered RED-and-green Medic TF2 Monster. He was created by YouTube user ASpider25.


Infected Germedic appeared as a RED Übered Medic with shining green eyes and an extremely distorted face. His voice was much louder and more bestial than that of a regular Medic.

Behaviour and Personality

Infected Germedic lurked Aperture Science, attacking anything on his path. As he moved around, he made cracking bone sounds and left a blood path. When finding a victim, Infected Germedic jumped on them to incapacitate them, where he would then fertilize them with his mutant spawn.

Infected Germedic was erratic, aggressive and determined. He would not give up on a target for anything, even if he was outmatched or outgunned. As his mutations refer to others as "humans", it's possible that Infected Germedic was an extraterrestrial Freak.

Powers and Abilities

Infected Germedic's most notable ability is his fertilization. After incapacitating his victim, he would infect them orally, and moments later the victim would give birth to RED-and-green mutants. These mutants presumably have the same ability, as they have been seen in very large numbers.

Other than this, Infected Germedic had an inhuman fitness, being much stronger and more durable than a regular Medic.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Infected Germedic, despite being übered, was just as vulnerable to damage as a regular Medic, being killed by a regular bonesaw.
  • While he was stronger than a Medic, Infected Germedic was still a fairly average Freak in terms of physical strength.


  • After the Infected Germedic died, he changed to the infected Scoutgetic.

Notable Videos

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