Icy Spy
Icy Spy
Creator ShoopDaGUHH
Creation 15 November 2009
Debut Icy Spy!
Type Ice Statue
Alignment True Neutral
Attitude Stoic
Abilities Freeze
Status Alive
Allies A RED Heavy

Icy Spy is an ice statue Spy TF2 Freak who resides on ctf_2fort. He was created by YouTube user ShoopDaGUHH.


Icy Spy appears as an icy statue of a Spy standing in a reference pose. His body is made of ice, and possibly also snow.

In his first appearance, however, he appeared coloured dark blue instead.

Behaviour and Personality

As he is a statue, Icy Spy does not behave at all. He stands in his reference pose 24 hours per day, ignorant of whoever tries to interact with him. It is questionable if Icy Spy is actually alive at all.

It is unknown whether Icy Spy has any form of personality, as he has never been seen displaying any emotion. However, he is liked and disliked by others just like any person, having a RED Heavy friend and being shown having a bad relationship with SeaSpy.

Powers and Abilities

Icy Spy's only known power is reviving after being melted. When the temperature lowers, Icy Spy's body reforms back to his original form as if nothing has happened. Presumably this means Icy Spy is immortal, as long as the weather is on his side.

Since the area around him is covered in snow, it may be speculated that he emits cold from his body.

Icy spy

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Being near or in direct contact with any form of heat causes Icy Spy's body to melt.
  • Icy Spy has no known means of defending himself from other Freaks.
  • He can also get broken if he crashes against surfaces.


  • Somewhat amusingly, Icy Spy is the oldest valid Spy TF2 Freak, disregarding the Spycrab.

Notable Videos

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