Creator Rhapsidous
Creation May 6, 2011
Debut BLU team annoys Engineer
for no reason at all
Type Goon
Alignment True Neutral
Attitude Proud
Fighting style Physical
Abilities Tackling
Weaknesses Pathetic range
Status Alive
Occupation Goon
Enemies Painis Cupcake

Hoomba is a small RED TF2 Freak made of Heavy gibs, created by YouTube user Rhapsidous.


Hoomba appears as the gibbed chest and feet of a RED Heavy. He is designed to look like a Goomba, an iconic enemy from the Mario series.

Behaviour and Personality

Not much is known about Hoomba other than his proud attitude. Insulting him in any way will make him attack the person, regardless of who they are.

However, Hoomba is not completely unfriendly. If asked for help, Hoomba may stand and aid the person. This was shown when Hoomba protected a Heavy from Painis Cupcake, without any sight of fear or regret, despite his opponent's fearsome reputation.

Powers and Abilities

Hoomba's only known form of attack is by tackling his enemies. Upon touching Hoomba, the enemy is killed similar to being touched by a Goomba from the Mario series. Being killed by Hoomba plays the distinctive sound of death from Super Mario Bros. This attack seems to be a one-hit-kill on low-ranked enemies and deals considerable damage to more powerful ones.

Hoomba appears to be very strong physically, as he was capable of knocking Painis Cupcake down in one hit. The extents of his power, however, are unknown.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Hoomba has no known means of ranged combat.
  • Despite its strength, Hoomba lacks destructive power.
  • Due to his similarities to a Goomba, it could be assumed Hoomba can be defeated by being jumped on.

Notable Videos

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