Creator TrexHunter2000
Creation February 14th, 2010
Debut Heavydile dismembers and
consumes someone
Type Cannibal
Alignment True Neutral
Attitude Fierce, savage
Fighting style Feral (melee)
Abilities Immense strength
Enhanced durability
Adept swimmer
Powerful jaws
Status Alive
Occupation Predator
Enemies Heavygator
Sewer Medic

Heavydile is a powerful and vicious RED Heavy TF2 Monster created by YouTube user TrexHunter2000.

His theme is Donkey Kong 64 - Gloomy Lobby.

Appearance and Behavior

Heavydile appears as a RED Heavy who preys on people by ambushing them, much like a crocodile would. He commonly thrives in large bodies of water, such as in lakes, pools or even sewers. His voice is notably much lower pitched than that of a normal Heavy.

Sometimes Heavydile has a dark, scaly green skin, but it is not only on its skin, it also has its clothes and shoes, it has eyes without pupils and bloody teeth. Basically it looks like a crocodile.

He leads a primarily amphibious lifestyle, and spends most of his time lurking below the water's surface, waiting for an unsuspecting meal. As an ambush predator, people or even other Monsters who are not wary around water may become victims to Heavydile as he will usually lunge at them and overpower them quickly with his enormous strength.

At this point, he can simply drag his prey into the water to devour them, or if one still fights back, he uses his fearsome strength and incredible biting power to decisively subdue his foes.

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Heavydile, after lunching.

Powers and Abilities

Heavydile is very capable in terms of fighting, using his extreme attack power to completely obliterate most victims. Few Freaks are able to match his enormous strength, Painis Cupcake among them.

His mega bite is strong enough to pierce or at least dent most armors, including Blockgineer's body, which is nearly indestructible.

He is a surprisingly fast swimmer and diver, able to traverse rapidly enormous lakes and rivers. He can plunge at an unsuspecting victim and drag it underwater within a couple of seconds.

Heavydile's durable skin is tough enough to resist bullets and other projectile weapons, including big guns. While still affected by the knock back, he was completely unharmed by a point-blank Force-a-Nature shot.

Faults and Weaknesses

Heavydile has a noticeably reptilian mindset. While it does suit him in more ways than one, it often proves to be a very primitive way of thinking:

  • He is not particularly intelligent and can be quite easily outsmarted.
  • Foolishly brave and stubborn, Heavydile sometimes picks fights with opponents he is clearly at a disadvantage against.
  • Heavydile has been known to become vulnerable when fighting his BLU counterpart Heavygator or Painis Cupcake, one of the only few shown capable of defeating him.

Freak Fights

Participants Video Result
Heavydile vs. SeaSpy Seaspy vs. Heavydile Loss
Heavydile vs. Hippo Scout Hydro Safari (Featuring Hipposcoutamus) Inconclusive
Heavydile vs. Sewer Medic TF2 Freak Fight, Heavydile VS Sewer Medic Win
Heavydile vs. Cakehole Piss Cakehole Piss Tries to Go Swimming Loss

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