Hardware Morph (abbr. HWM) models are a type of Team Fortress 2 character models. Generally, they are higher-detail versions of standard character models which possess more intricate facial flexes to allow for more elaborate expressions. They were used professionally in the "Meet the Team" videos. They are available in both Garry's Mod and Source Filmmaker.

HWM models used to be somewhat controversial. Excessively random facial expressions and overuse thereof was criticized by some. However, some video makers proved capable of employing said models to depict highly amusing, unique or complex expressions.

Despite the horrific mugs some randomized HWM faces might produce, not all such TF2 Monsters utilize those. Vagineer and Nnnngh Sniper are great examples of characters with distorted faces generated using normal models. In fact, they actually cannot be reproduced with an HWM model.

Arguably, HWM models were popularized by YouTube user RubberFruit, who featured them in most of his videos to great effect.

List of HWM TF2 Freaks


Soljah with his trademark wide grin.

These TF2 Freaks are known to employ HWM models exclusively:

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