The God Cow
Creator OluapPlayer
Creation March 30, 2010
Debut TheyAreAllIdiots.wmv
Type Deity
Alignment Lawful Good
Attitude Benevolent
Fighting style All ranges
Abilities Semi-omnipotence
Status Eternal
Occupation God of Oluapland

The God Cow is a giant godlike wooden cow created by YouTube user OluapPlayer.


The God Cow takes the appearence of a gigantic wooden cow cutout wearing a blue hardhat, similar to an Engineer's.

Behaviour and Personality

The God Cow is the creator and deity of Oluapland, watching over its inhabitants with great care. The God Cow is a benevolent being who only wishes the well-being of all Oluaplanders and their friends, while still opposing demonic creatures such as the BLU Nnnngh Sniper.

It's hard to describe the God Cow's personality as it has no visible emotions, and it's only seen emmiting moos in a Heavy's voice, very rarely saying anything else. It's presumed that the God Cow is an easy-going and friendly being, but this may never be confirmed, as sightings of the God Cow are extremely rare.

Powers and Abilities

The God Cow, being the creator of Oluapland, has complete control over it. It can create, shape, change and destroy anything in Oluapland by merely thinking about it.

The God Cow's only known attack is the "Holy Moo", a tremendously powerful roar which it used to destroy the Nihilanth when it invaded Oluapland.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • The God Cow is completely and utterly incapable of interacting with any Freak not native to Oluapland. For example, if the God Cow wanted to interact with a Vagineer, it would not be capable of doing it, at all. The Vagineer would not even notice its presence. This means that, while the God Cow is the most powerful Freak in Oluapland, it is the least (or one of the least) powerful outside of it.

Notable Videos

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