Ctf 2fort0005
Creator Swaitis
Creation August 19th, 2010
Debut Gentlespy (Deleted)
Type Human
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Urbane, but malicious
Fighting style Short- to mid-range
Abilities Exceptional Aim
Cloak and Dagger
Dead Ringer
Weaknesses Standard human weaknesses
Status Alive
Occupation Assassin
Allies Christian Brutal Sniper

Gentlespy is an elegant RED Spy TF2 Freak created by YouTube user Swaitis.

His theme is I MONSTER - The Blue Wrath.

Appearance and Personality

Gentlespy takes the form of a RED Spy armed with the Ambassador and two cloaking devices at the same time, Cloak & Dagger and the Dead Ringer. He wears a Fancy Fedora.

Gentlespy, as his name suggests, is an extremely well-mannered, polite and elegant Freak, but his actions do not match his manners. Under his gentle façade, a tremendously evil being is hidden. He shows no traces of mercy when killing his opponents, but always excuses himself after eliminating foes.

Despite that, he is shown to be generally helpful to other evil TF2 Freaks like Christian Brutal Sniper, from whom he has received a Conniver's Kunai as a gift for his assistance.

Powers and Abilities

Gentlespy is extremely skilled in the art of shooting. He uses his exceptional aim to professionally wield an Ambassador, and he never misses a shot in the head, even when far away or when the target is moving erratically.

Unlike regular Spies, Gentlespy is not limited to using only one cloaking watch. He uses a Cloak and Dagger to move around unnoticed, and he can use the Dead Ringer to feign death and fool all but the most attentive enemies.

Like regular Spies however, he is also skilled in using a Knife as a deadly melee weapon, which instantly kills any regular mercenary if hit in the back, but he is not restricted to that only use. For instance, he can stab the hands of his enemies to immobilize them if thrown against a wall, or otherwise use it to stab other sensible parts of their bodies.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Gentlespy is arrogant and overconfident, to the point he challenged Painis Cupcake once. He is prone to gravely underestimating potential threats.
  • It seems he is a normal human physically and as such, easy to harm by super-powered TF2 Monsters unless he uses his cloaking devices well.
  • He lacks destructive power that is crucial when dealing with high-ranking Freaks.


  • Polite Spy appears to be his good counterpart - while both of them display gentlemanly behaviour, Gentlespy is malicious and ruthless where Polite Spy is kind and empathetic.
  • It has been rumored that Gentlespy is Christian Brutal Sniper's RED Spy companion who eventually "manned up". However, they are likely two separate individuals.

Notable Videos

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