Creator UchhihaMidnight
Creation Jan 11, 2012
Debut Ohhh no... FRATMAN...
Type Goofball
Alignment Chaotic Good
Attitude Joyous, obnoxious
Abilities Able to give people the will to party
Burping up "fun" objects
Status Has died multiple times
Occupation Party Host
Demoman (formerly)

Fratman is a party-loving RED Demoman TF2 Freak created by UchihaMidnight.

His themes are:


Fratman appears to be a RED Demoman with a lot of "fun" accesories: the Reggaelator, the Earbuds, the Party Hat, the Ornament Armament and, most importantly, the Summer Shades. He also carries around the Nessie's Nine Iron - apparently used to play Minigolf.

Fratman's always very happy and almost never bored. Even though he appears to be a Freak in the same way as Painis Cupcake and Vagineer are, he is considerably less dangerous, as he's a friendly, good guy who never wishes to harm anybody.

Powers and Abilities


A BLU Spy under the influence of Fratman's sunglasses.

Fratman's energetic and cheerful attitude is key for his special ability: to find people who are very bored.


BLU Vagineer, under the influence of Fratman's special sunglasses.

When he finds bored people, he proceeds to burp yellow sunglasses out his mouth, which usually end up on the eyes of the person who is bored.

These sunglasses change their mood so that they are much happier, along with giving them the will to party and have a good time. He is also able to burp other "fun" objects if the sunglasses fail to cheer them up.

Fratman's sunglasses have been known to work on both ordinary humans and TF2 Monsters and Freaks, including Painis Cupcake and some Vagineers.

Faults and Weaknesses


Fratman crushed by his accidental creation of a full sized train engine in an attempt to cheer up the BLU Soldier.

The sunglasses he burps up have absolutely no effect on those who feel the need to work.

If he's told to work, he angrily refuses and tries to burp up another "fun" object. This usually fails because of Fratman's inability to control his powers.

In addition, Fratman's physical strength an defense are the same as the average Demoman, so he can be easily harmed like one.


  • Fratman was created as part of a monster-making contest hosted by YouTube user GigaCake-MmmKay. The contest was about creating a TF2 Freak out of various theme songs, which explains Fratman's numerous themes.

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