Koth viaduct event0002
Creator TRLEChippers
Type Exterminator
Alignment Lawful Evil
Attitude Relentless
Fighting style Ranged
Abilities Eye lasers
Weaknesses Slowness
Easily detectable presence
Status Active
Occupation TF2 Freak exterminator
Enemies Painis Vagicake

Fadkiller is a giant Administrator-head TF2 Monster created by YouTube user TRLEChippers. Her sole purpose is to erase TF2 Freaks with her awesome powers.

Personality and Behavior

Fadkiller is omniscient and ruthless. As a creature summoned to specifically hunt down members of the TF2 Freak race, she is especially merciless towards her targets and relentlessly hunts them down until they kill themselves or she succeeds in doing the job herself. She is implacable, therefore any attempts to garner sympathy for the Freaks will always fail. In fact, Fadkiller will not rest until she completes her given objective, which may spell doom to the TF2 Freaks. However, it is considered ironic that Fadkiller is considered a TF2 Monster herself, since she is a summon with supernatural powers, and a bodyless summon at that.

Powers and Abilities

As a summon, Fadkiller is able to teleport to various places at will, which proves useful in catching up with speedy Freaks and making a quick getaway. Her main attack when engaged in combat with a Freak in general is firing searing-hot rays from her eyes, which will burn the receiver and kill him/her. This ray can easily kill even the most powerful Freaks such as Seeman.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Fadkiller is rather slow, and it is relatively easy to escape from her.
  • She can also be identified by her loud, shrill laughter that she gives off in crucial moments, such as when she makes a successful kill or when she starts a chase, betraying her presence.


  • Though the knowledge of the Monster's creator has been preserved, her debut video was deleted.
  • The Fadkiller is the first, and so far only, Administrator TF2 Monster.

Notable Videos

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