Cp dustbowl0000
Creator doctorheredoctor
Creation April 28, 2010
Type Mutant
Alignment True Neutral
Attitude Hostile
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Meat Grinder
Status Alive
Allies Vagineer

Engina is a tremendous torso-like "cousin" of Vagineer created by YouTube user doctorheredoctor.


The Engina appears as the inflated chest of an Engineer with a very small Vagineer head. Its name comes from the fact its body resembles a cervix.

Both RED and BLU Enginas have been sighted, but they don't seen to have any difference besides team orientation.

Behaviour and Personality

Very little is known about Enginas, as they are appearently very rare creatures. What is known is that they inhabit desert regions, away from civilization. They are apparently hive-minded, but the extent of this trait is unknown as not more than one Engina has been seen in the same place.

Like their Vagineer cousins, Enginas are carnivorous and cannibals, preying mainly on Spies. The way the Enginas feed is similar to pitcher plants and antlion larvae.

Powers and Abilities

Enginas are capable of emitting a special scent which they use to attract and devour unfortunate Spies. When a prey approaches the Engina's mouth, it activates its "Meat Grinder" mode, which shreds the victim into pieces, and launches blood all over the Engina's body.

One particular Engina has been seen using a small Vagineer-like creature, sometimes called the Scorpion Vagineer, to sting, paralyze and bring food to itself. It's possible that the Scorpion Vagineer is an Engina "larva" or another species of Vagineer, but it may be just a Vagineer-like animal who fell under the Engina's hive minded influence.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Enginas are very large Monsters, making them very easy to hit.
  • Most Enginas don't seem to possess legs, meaning they are incapable of moving.
  • Enginas don't seem to have any offensive mechanism other than the Meat Grinder, meaning they have no way of dealing with enemies unless they fall into the Engina's mouth.


  • Engina is a play on the word "vagina".
  • The sound the Engina makes whilst feeding mimics that of a blender.

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