Dream Demoman
Creator Xho
Creation September 7, 2012
Debut Archangel
Type Angel
Alignment Chaotic Good
Attitude Righteous
Fighting style Close Range
Abilities Healing
Explosive Power
Status Alive
Occupation Servant of God
Superiors Erzengel
Allies Erzengel
Interesting Spy
Bob and Bob
Enemies Nightmare Medic

Dream Demoman is a BLU angelic Demoman TF2 Freak sidekick created by Xho.

Appearance and Personality

Dream Demoman is a BLU-grenade-less Demoman with a golden halo above his head. He often carries a Scottish Handshake in his hand. He usually has a smile on his face (contrasting with Erzengel who rarely ever does).

Dream Demoman is a much lighter of heart angel character than Erzengel - usually quicker to crack a joke and even so far as to attempting to break Erzengel's cold exterior by having failed attempts to get him drunk. RED Bob seems to have a craving for the rum that Dream Demoman carries, believing it to possess "mmmph mph mmphh" properties.

Against enemies, Dream Demoman is as likely to refrain from combat as he is to joke - which is a very probable chance. Dream Demoman is not a combat-oriented Freak and only is present to keep his allies and Erzengel out of high danger.

Powers and Abilities

Dream Demoman's main power is to teleport his allies out of danger (usually the most common occurrence is Erzengel fighting Nightmare Medic) and healing his injured friends. Dream Demoman does possess one offensive power which is hidden in his bottle - an explosive power strong enough to knock back even the strongest of Monsters (but not kill - unless there is something there that can kill them). Usually Dream Demoman refrains from using this.

Faults and Weaknesses

As a non combatant, Dream Demoman is not much of a physical help to Erzengel whilst fighting demons - whilst he can teleport him out of danger, Dream Demoman cannot give any powerful help. Dream Demoman is not physically very strong or resilient to damage and can be knocked out quite easily (or killed if a demon attacks him).

Dream Demoman usually does not see the serious side to the fight, and can put himself in danger if he does not recognize the threat fast enough.


  • OluapPlayer coined the name for Dream Demoman and inspired Xho to make him a fully fledged Freak.
  • The Dream part of Dream Demoman's name is the contrast to Nightmare Medic.

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