Dragh Vundabar
Creator Grzysweet89
Creation January 28, 2013
Debut Dragh Vundabar hurts
Type Freakish Human
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Friendly (Toward BLU)
Hostile (Toward others)
Fighting style Short-range
Abilities "Tumbling"
Various saw-based attacks
Two types of Rage Mode
Weaknesses Cannot scale walls
Harmless toward BLU
Vulnerable whilst tumbling
Status Alive
Occupation Hurting people
Allies Most of the BLU Team
Enemies Other teams in general
Piss Cakehole

Dragh Vundabar is a BLU Medic TF2 Freak created by YouTube user Grzysweet89. His theme song is Rajan's Palace from Sly Cooper 2: Band of Thieves.


Dragh appears as a BLU, gloved, casual Medic that resides in the BLU spawn-point at Kong King. He often rests there, hurting people in the area that are not on BLU, unless he has to. Unlike most Painis Cupcake spoofs, he is a tad bit unique in a few ways.

Appearance and Behavior

Dragh, as mentioned, is a BLU Medic, and is friendly to any other BLU monster and/or team-mate that does not pose a threat, shown through the BLU Femscout he encountered and befriended during and after his first "hurting".

However, if said monster does pose a threat, such as BLU Nnnngh Sniper or some other third being, then he will attack without mercy. Now, if the monster is on another team, and poses no threat, Dragh will become unsure of him/her/it.

Powers and Abilities

His main means of defence is "Hurting" people, as he says. He does this with Übersaws and Vita-saws with special properties, one being that he can spawn them from his hands, apparently.

The Übersaws are how he charges up his Übercharge(s), the Übersaw being standard Über of course, but the only difference is that the Über can drag out for extended periods of time, which all depends on how much he's damaged people.

The Vita-saws are a bit different; with these he can charge up his second rage-form, the "Krit-boost".

One thing that actually does put him in this category is that he is considerably resistant to ranged weaponry, while he is not kritted, anyhow.

Faults and Weaknesses

While being as powerful as he is, his Krit-boost has a bit of a drawback to it: while under the krit's influence he takes slightly more damage, and is constantly trying to evade all possible attacks.

Another thing is that he cannot use his "Tumbling" (the name of his movement) to climb walls; still, this is normally not much of a problem. While it is unbelievable, he can climb small walls, but he cannot grab onto ceilings unless there is a sort of beam to hang onto.

Lastly, he will not attack BLU team members without a reason to, this being a significant fault, because he cannot detect disguised spies, and while back-stabs cannot kill him, they can inflict substantial damage.


  • Dragh's creator's aim was to make him a little more unique than other Painis Cupcake spoofs, by giving him a slightly different catchphrase, a decidedly non-vulgar name and a second form of "rage-form".

Notable Videos

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