Dr. Noooo
Dr Nooo
Creator OluapPlayer
Creation August 4, 2010
Debut Dr Noooo checks
his patients
Type Human
Alignment Neutral Good
Attitude Optimistic
Abilities Expert Healing
Status Alive
Occupation Doctor
Subordinates BLU Spy, Secretary
RED Heavy, Assistant
Allies Jane Doe
RED Paintraingineer

Dr. Noooo is a Medic TF2 Freak created by YouTube user OluapPlayer.

His theme is The Millionaire's Holiday by Combustible Edison.


Dr. Noooo appears as a RED Medic wearing an Otolaryngologist's Mirror and a Surgeon's Stethoscope. He usually has his pet dove Archimedes on his shoulder.

Behaviour and Personality

Dr. Noooo is, most of the time, a passive and friendly Medic who does his job without being disturbed by others. He vows to end all diseases and cure all wounded, but he refuses to aid hostile Freaks. Dr. Noooo is one of the most good-natured inhabitants of Oluapland, but that doesn't mean he's harmless. Dr. Nooo heals people regardless of their team orientation.

When he's angered, Dr. Noooo is known to be very vengeful and unforgiving. Dr. Noooo's revenges can be described as "disproportionate retribution" due to how much damage he can cause over something small. One example was Dr. Noooo castrating a Soldier after he simply called him a name.

Dr. Noooo owns an office located in the BLU spawn room of Gravel Pit. He possesses two assistants: a BLU Spy who acts like a grumpy secretary, and an eccentric RED Heavy who does general work.


Dr. Noooo is very dexterous with melee weapons, though his favorite means of fighting are using needles and his prized Bonesaw. Dr. Noooo is physically superior than a regular Medic and is capable of chopping the limbs off his enemies when applying enough force to his melee weapon. Additionally, Dr. Noooo can call for his Spy and Heavy employees to aid him.


  • Dr. Noooo lacks endurance to fight against more powerful Freaks.
  • He also has no means of ranged combat.

Notable Videos


  • Dr. Noooo having the same theme as Christian Brutal Sniper is intentional since his first appearance. The creator planned to change his theme, but never got around to.
  • He is named after an achievement from Team Fortress 2. The Spy also has a voice line where he says "Dr. No."
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