Disco Heavy
Disco heavy
Creator treboruk92
Creation 15-th February,2011
Debut The Crazy Random Disco
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Teleportation
Faster movement speed
Disguise Kit
Weaknesses Abilities bound to radio
Careless nature
Status Alive
Occupation Disco fanatic
Enemies Jarate Cake Dick

Disco Heavy is a BLU Heavy TF2 Freak, wearing a radio from the game Portal as a hat.

His theme is Pendulum - Slam.


Before Disco Heavy was turned into the freak he is today, he was a regular BLU Heavy at Teufort. One day, he was confronted by Jarate Cake Dick, who first rudely took away his Sandvich to "quack" it and threw it away, quacking the Heavy afterwards.

Over the course of the time, the Heavy was kept being harassed by Jarate Cake Dick, always being "quacked" in the end, except for once, where he tried to "quack" the Sniper, without success.

On an eventful day, while spawncamping in the RED base, killing the entire RED team in the process and taking out Painis Cupcake, he was again confronted by the malicious Jarate Cake Dick. After being repelled, however, he took away Disco Heavies Sandvich, "quacking" and throwing it against a nearby wall, and kicking it into the dust of the ground afterwards.

Seeing the horrible things JCD does to his beloved Sandvich, and remembering all the other horrible things he did in the past, Disco Heavy finally snapped. All the cruel memories and Pendulum - Slam playing in the background (which was ironically turned on by Jarate Cake Dick), activated a mysterious transformation, which turned the Heavy into his new personality. After beating down JCD with the radio, he putted it onto his head and escaped by running into the closed entrance and teleporting out after collapsing.

Powers and Abilities

  • Disco Heavy is able to teleport long distances by collapsing and doing some kind of breakdance.
    • Although it is not needed to play his own theme or to do a breakdance in order to teleport.
  • He is also faster than a regular Heavy, running at least as fast as a Scout.
    • His attack speed is also significantly faster.
  • Disco Heavy is able to change teams through the use of a Spy's Spytron 3000 in order to fool his enemies. If he uses it to disguise himself as another class is unknown.


  • Disco Heavy is just as strong as a regular Heavy if there is no radio around that plays his signature theme.
  • His defense is also not very good at all circumstances, and he can still be easily surprised.

Notable Videos

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