Creator Eltorro64Rus
Creation July 18, 2018
Debut Lake Stranding
Type Animal
Alignment True Neutral
Attitude Defensive, feral
Fighting style Close-range
Abilities Amphibious
Sticky bomb defecation/detonation
High running speed (When angry)
Status Alive
Occupation Lake-dweller
Enemies Anyone who steal his food

Demoturtle is a RED Demoman-based TF2 Freak created by Eltorro64Rus.

His theme is Big Time Island Fight from Don't Starve.


The Demoturtle is an amphibious creature that lives in Piss Lake (formerly Peace Lake). It looks similar to a RED Demoman; however, its head, arms and legs are retracted into its tunic-like shell. Another unique signifier is its eye, which has a massive yellow iris and black sclera.

Personality and Behavior

The Demoturtle is an amphibious lake-dwelling carnivore (or possibly omnivore) whose natural diet consists of lake-bound fish. When its prey is immobile (such as helplessly on land), the Demoturtle calmly and contently consumes its meal.


Demoturtle lunging at his prey.

The Demoturtle is incapable of human speech; instead, it eerily and animalistically clicks and growls when it's agitated and when it's attacking.

While it does not prefer to attack creatures other than it's natural prey, such as humans, the Demoturtle gets easily angry at those who steal its food. When the Demoturtle is agitated, it will extend its neck from its shell and produce its signature hiss; it will then rapidly run and chase its agitator down.

While the Demoturtle is vicious towards anyone who steals its food, it is unknown if this act alone will drive it to kill. Instead, it will attack its enemy until they are rendered unconscious, at which point the Demoturtle will lie in wait to make sure its aggressor doesn't wake up. If they do, the Demoturtle will attack again. It is unknown if a Demoturtle will continue doing this until its enemy has died (or successfully fled), or if eventually the Demoturtle loses interest and returns to its habitat.


Demoturtle waiting for his prey to awaken.

It is unknown if the Demoturtle is a species of animal, or if it's the only living Demoturtle residing in Piss Lake.

Powers and Abilities

One of the Demoturtle's unique biological capabilities is the ability to both defecate sticky bombs and detonate them on command. These sticky bombs are rounded, meaning their explosions are incapable of harming others but can still propel the Demoturtle through the air, which is useful for when it wishes to attack someone.

When chasing its prey or agitator it is capable of rapidly kicking with its legs to lunge at its foe.

Faults and Weaknesses

When the Demoturtle is not agitated, it is a very slow and calm creature; if someone so wished, they could use this opportunity to perform a sneak attack on the Demoturtle.

The Demoturtle gets angry when someone steal its food, meaning it can be avoided just by stealing nothing from it.

Notable Videos

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