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Creator Courroux29
Creation August 3, 2011
Debut Meet Spencer Pootis
Type Robot
Alignment True Neutral
Attitude Mute
Fighting style Guns
Abilities Enhance Strength

Enhance Speed

Weaknesses PSI
Status Active
Occupation Servant
Superiors A BLU Spy
Enemies Anybody his commander tells him to attack

Demonator is a BLU robot Demoman TF2 Freak created by Youtube user Courroux29(☼Wrath). His main theme is TF2- Metal.


Demonator shows to have little to no difference in appearance most of the time. When Demonator is inactive, he is simply seen as a smiling BLU Demoman. When active, he is shown to have a blank face and a red glowing eye.

Personality and Behavior

While Demonator is ruthless, he only would act like this if his commander, a BLU Spy, ordered him to attack. When he is inactive, he is usually seen sitting around laughing and drinking his bottle of scrumpy. While he is active and ordered to fight, he will relentlessly hunt down his targets, with no empathy or emotion once so ever.

Powers and Abilities

First, on his right arm, he has a RED stock Medi-Gun. Instead of healing, however, it shoots a beam that turns people into ducks, or a wave that knocks people back. On Demonator's left arm, he has a machine gun barrel, which shoots normal bullets. He can also deploy two Black Boxes on his shoulders, which function like normal rocket launchers. He also has enhanced strength and enhanced speed, just like a normal robot.


At first, Demonator seems like a force to be reckoned with, until the weaknesses come into play.

First, he is very weak explosions. Just a trap set by a normal BLU ngineer led to the demise of him. Second, if his commander, the BLU Spy, does not command him to attack, he is totally helpless. Just like any robot, PSI also do heavy damage. Back with the subject of his commander, if his commander does not tell him to back down when he is losing, he will most likely die. And even if his commander told him to back down, he could not, since the BLU spy's command button has only been shown to do on and off.


Demonator is based off the antagonist of the Terminator series, The Terminator.

Notable Videos

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