Demented Soldier
Demented Soldier 2
Creator FINHeavich
Creation 8 October 2012
Debut demented_soldier_and_his
Type Freak
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Belligerent, erratic, demanding
Fighting style Melee to short range
Abilities Mouth-Gun, duplication
Weaknesses Stupidity
Status Alive
Enemies Merasmus, usually anyone he appears with

Demented Soldier (also known by the name, Dr. Notzi) is a RED Soldier TF2 Freak created by YouTube user FINHeavich.


Demented Soldier, also known as Dr. Notzi or just Soldier, appears as an ordinary RED soldier wearing the Combat Medic's Crusher Cap. He can often be found on MVM maps, arguing with other people, behaving unpredictably, and presenting his massive, ubercharged painis. He can rarely be found in any ordinary situation.

Personality and Behavior

Demented Soldier has an incredibly erratic and unpredictable personality, characteristic of most TF2 Smexual characters. It is always up to speculation what his next actions will be, but he does have at least one defining feature: His wish to receive a blowjob. In every appearance he makes, Demented Soldier demands anyone near him to suck his painis. It typically starts out as a request, but generates into pleading, demanding, and finally, despair as no one will oblige him. When he is not demanding oral sex, he can be seen berating his peers, making unreasonable demands and resorting to over-the-top violence when they are not met.

Powers and Abilities

The only unusual powers that have been observed in Demented Soldier are generally one-off cartoonish feats, such as a gun extending from his mouth, self-duplication as his video 'crashes', brief levitation and short-lived transformation into a monkey. Besides these, Demented Soldier is just as physically powerful as an average soldier.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Demented Soldier is gullible.
  • His Ubercharged metal painis is not at all resistant to harm.


  • Similarly to Stu Pidface, he was originally made in a smexual.

Notable Videos

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