Creator Sonicrulez11
Creation June 24th, 2010
Debut Deemomeeng
Type Freak
Alignment Chaotic Good
Attitude Furious, erratic
Fighting style Close Range
Abilities Head Enlargement
Status Alive
Occupation Defender of the weak

Deemomeeng is a BLU beta-style Demoman TF2 Monster with an unusually tiny head. He was created by YouTube user Sonicrulez11.

Behaviour and Personality

Deemomeeng is a drunkard and more often than not he's erratic and unpredictable. He easily disconcerts many beings around. Some might laugh at his tiny head, but those people's laugh will cut short when Deemomeeng gets serious against them.

He also has a softer side for those that are being attacked by other people. He usually tries to fight these kind of people with his bizarre powers.

Abilities and Weaknesses

Deemomeeng has the ability to make his head grow very large when he drinks from his bottle of scrumpy. With his giant head he has massive strength in his teeth and can easily bite off an enemy's limbs. He also gets enough lip force to spit out the limbs he's bitten off with enough strength to tear through a Heavy. By burping he can return his head to its original size.

Aside from that, he hasn't shown to be any more different than a regular Demoman; it is presumed he has the same physical strength and defenses like those of regular mercenaries.


Deemomeeng's head after drinking.

Notable Videos

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