Deed Goy
Deed Goy
Creator ultragrunt112
Creation January 01, 2010
Type Skeleton
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Cocky
Fighting style Mid-range
Abilities Surviving extreme
Status Undead
Occupation Scout
Enemies Hippie Sniper

Deed Goy (pronounced Dead Guy) is a skeletal Scout freak created by retired YouTube user ultragrunt112.


Deed Goy appears as a skeletal version of a Scout, coming in both RED and BLU variants. While his skull has a regular white colouration, his arms and spine are notably coloured pink.

Personality and Behaviour

Deed Goy's personality is the same as the one of any Scout: cocky, sarcastic, aggressive and with a prone to taunting people. There seems to be no difference between the RED and BLU Deed Goys except for their team orientation.

While he's not much different from a Scout in personality, Deed Goy can be far more reckless than one, to the point of trying to rob a bank and harming innocent people for no reason but personal gain.

However, Deed Goy appears to know and admit when he's beaten.

Powers and Abilities

Deed Goy's most notable trait is the fact that he's a skeleton. This means he cannot be killed any further.

He has also been shown surviving extreme wounds. After having his entire skull blown up by a Sniper, his only reaction was "Alright yeah, that's, nah, that's a pretty good job". It's possible that Deed Goy cannot feel any pain at all, since he doesn't have any nerves.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • The most powerful weapon ever shown in Deed Goy's arsenal is a Pistol, meaning he has little to no destructive power.
  • As he doesn't have any muscles, Deed Goy lacks physical strength.
  • Deed Goy doesn't seem to be very resillient, as a single bullet was capable to exploding his skull into ash.


  • Deed Goy's arms and spine being pink is not intentional, actually being caused by a glitch in his model's texture.

Notable Videos

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