Dangerous Bacon
Creator 3veryThingGaming
Creation September 12, 2010
Debut Painis Cupcake Meets
Dangerous Bacon
Type Freak
Alignment True Neutral
Attitude Aggressive
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Enhanced strength & speed
Status Alive
Occupation Balloon Fighter

Dangerous Bacon is a bizarre RED Heavy TF2 Monster with a tiny head and giant hands created by YouTube user 3veryThingGaming.

His main theme is Factory Investigation and his flight theme is Rock Star both from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.

Behaviour and Personality

Dangerous Bacon is not particularly bright, but can be a rather hostile Freak. He usually does not attack on sight, but is otherwise easily provoked. His short temper frequently results in fits of destructive fury that leaves his unfortunate victims mutilated.

Most of the time, Dangerous Bacon travels across the TF2 Freak World and meets various other TF2 Freaks. Their encounters have a surprisingly high probability of ending in excessive violence.

Powers and Abilities

Dangerous Bacon possesses great physical strength which surpasses that of a normal Heavy. As a result, he is easily able to pummel many of his opponents and tear limbs with little effort.

When infuriated, he springs a pair of balloons from his rear end. Thanks to them he is able to not only float in the air, but also propel forward with high speed. He uses it to rapidly close distance between him and his enemy, and the impetus is sometimes big enough to knock over or pin down the opponent.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Dangerous Bacon seems to possess a brain that is proportional in size to his tiny head, and as such is not particularly intelligent.
  • Presumably, he is not much more durable than a regular Heavy.
  • Even though he might rush with surprising speed, his attacks are very straightforward.
  • Anybody or anything can attempt to pop the balloons on his butt, preventing him from flying away.

Notable Videos

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