Creator ShermanZAtank
Creation June 12th, 2012
Debut Cyborpyro
Type Combat robot
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Attitude Obedient, unflinching
Fighting style Short- to mid-range
Abilities Enhanced fitness
Enhanced endurance
Palm Flamethrowers
Weaknesses Elctromagnetic Weapons
Ranged Weaponry
Status Active
Occupation Minion
Superiors CyborMedic

CyborPyro is a robotic BLK Pyro TF2 Freak created by YouTube user ShermanZAtank.

Appearance and Personality

CyborPyro appears as a BLK Tron-styled Pyro with light blue highlights, wearing a distinct BLU Triclops mask. Despite his appearance, he is not actually a Pyro and is fully robotic. He was constructed by Engineer drones working for CyborMedic after he had become fed up with being defeated by Cyborneer and his allies. The design was deliberately chosen to resemble a Pyro in order to intimidate potential enemies.

CyborPyro is entirely robotic and as such his mind is just a combat-oriented artificial intelligence. This advanced combat AI is designed to follow orders from registered superiors and carry them out as efficiently as possible. He has no emotion and is silent, although he sometimes makes noises similar to a sentry when moving. He is unrelenting and will continue to follow orders regardless of how badly he is damaged unless said orders are cancelled.

Powers and Abilities

CyborPyro's main means of combat are a pair of flamethrowers installed in the palms. These can be used to incinerate an opponent within close proximity and are particularly effective against ice-based opponents.

As a robot, CyborPyro is not subject to many weaknesses inherent to living organisms. His increased durability is comparable to that of a Heavy. He feels no pain and wounds that could be potentially crippling or lethal to a living being may be merely an inconvenience to him. This, combined with enhanced stamina makes him a tough opponent to bring down for low-tier Freaks. Additionally, his robotic limbs make him fast as a normal Scout, slightly stronger than an average Heavy and more agile than average Pyro.

CyborPyro runs on Australium and as such he can absorb it to temporarily give himself a boost in power.


Flamethrower Palms

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Being fully robotic makes CyborPyro very susceptible to electromagnetic pulse attacks. These can totally incapacitate him if the attack is powerful enough.
  • Despite his increased durability CyborPyro is not invincible and can be severely damaged or destroyed in battle. Any significant potential damage has to be repaired before he can rejoin a fight.
  • CyborPyro will shut down if the Australium in his system is drained. This was an intentional failsafe by CyborMedic in case the robot ever turns on him.
  • CyborPyro will continue to fight if his orders are not cancelled. If his superiors are taken out of action, CyborPyro may continue a hopeless fight until incapacitated.

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