Creator Grzysweet89
Creation Jun 2, 2013
Debut The Releasing of the Elders forgotten in time...
Type Cyborg
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Attitude Level Headed
Fighting style Melee
Abilities The Orbs of Mass
Enhanced Vision
Enhanced Agility
Weaknesses EMP Waves
Unawareness due to high speeds
Status Alive
Occupation Bounty Hunter
Allies CyborSniper

Sanarah Streak

Enemies His Targets

CyborDemo is a RED/BLK Cyborg Demoman TF2 Freak created by YoutTube user Grzysweet89.


CyborDemo is a RED/BLK Demoman who seems to be missing his 6-pack of grenades and wears a black Tam-o-Shanter. It's also noted that he, like CyborSniper, has a RED-BLK Tron-like outfit. He also got an artificial eye, and an eyepatch that has a red power symbol on it for some reason.

Personality and Behavior

He's pretty much a level-headed individual that's got a dark past. All freaks are potential friends depending on their alignment, especially other Demomen. Back in his day, there werent that many Demos on the team he was a part of back then, the captains of his team were really racist. But more to the point, he seems to charge into battle with a very focused feeling of determination, seeing he hasn't flinched once when getting attacked. He also developed a sort of brotherhood with CyborSniper and a close friendship with Sanarah Streak.

Powers and Abilities

Since the beginning of his Dark Australium career back in the olden days, he's carried around two orbs that have multiple functions. They have the ability to transform into either a sword or shield, either for traditional Demo-Knight action, or for Dual-Weilding swords or Having twice the Charge-n-Targing action. They can also fuse to create a super-weapon, either a longsword, for extra damage dealing, or a Super-Persuader, for less-controled, but still fast action.

He's also got a device called the "Endo. Skeletal. Enhancement. System" which aids his basic movements, this includes:

  • Nimbleness
  • Speed (To a degree)
  • Blocking

His eye is a vision enhancer, meaning that when needed, he can perform the duty of Look-out if needed.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • If he gets hit by an EMP wave of sorts, he will became kinda useless, becoming blind and slow.
  • His Super-Persuader may be fast and destructive, but it's also dangerous, one mishap and he's in trouble.
  • With him being pretty old, he's bound to not understand most of the things that happen nowadays, so it may put a bit of a damper on him.

Notable Videos

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