Crotch Sniper
Crotch Sniper
Creator Sonicrulez11
Creation August 9th, 2009
Type Turret
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Smug
Fighting style Mid- to long-range
Abilities Crotch-mounted SMG
Status Alive

Crotch Sniper is a beta-style RED Sniper TF2 Monster created by YouTube user Sonicrulez11.


Crotch Sniper appears as a normal beta-style RED Sniper (before Valve finalized his appearance) with the Sniper's Sub-Machine Gun weapon in his crotch area.

Personality and Behavior

Not much is known of Crotch Sniper's personality and how he acts, but he is presumably very smug and a little erratic, as he appears in random places with no indication of doing so. This little habit may be viewed as unnerving to some people, as they might be caught completely off guard. Crotch Sniper, for reasons unknown, has an intense dislike for people pleasuring themselves with Mediguns and shoots them down with his crotch gun without hesitation.

Despite his seemingly less-than-friendly behavior, Crotch Sniper has a sense of justice; in the postponed series The Wrath of Weaselpie!, he teams up with MedizardOfficial Heavy, and a few heroic beings to take down Weaselcake's evil twin Weaselpie.

Powers and Abilities

Crotch Sniper is equipped with a Sub-machine Gun attached to his crotch and being a Sniper, he is presumably a good shot with it. To use it, he has to bend backwards and manually point at someone, as a gun installed in the crotch area wouldn't do much good pointing to the ground. Other than that, Crotch Sniper has no other abilities.

Faults and Weaknesses

The full extent of Crotch Sniper's weaknesses has not been revealed yet, though being a normal Sniper with a weapon for a crotch, he is assumed to be frail as one and can't take much damage.


  • The model used for the SMG in CROTCH SNIPER is the HL2 SMG model. This is because Sonicrulez11 was new to Gmod when creating the video, and simply attached a turret with the SMG model selected to the Sniper's crotch.
  • Crotch Sniper is one of the earliest TF2 Monsters and the oldest Sniper TF2 Monster, created in 2009, about half a year before Painis Cupcake.
    • Also, while he is the first monster that now uses a beta-style skin, he lacked one in his first appearance, which gives the title to the Beta Vagineer.

Notable Videos

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