Creator OluapPlayer
Creation March 12, 2011
Debut Science in Aperture
Type Robot
Alignment Neutral Evil
Attitude Aggressive, territorial
Fighting style Mid-range
Abilities Rocket Launchers
Enhanced strength
Allied Turrets
Status Active
Occupation Unknown,
possible rogue experiment

Cremapyro is a robotic BLU Pyro TF2 Freak created by YouTube user OluapPlayer.


Cremapyro appears as a standard BLU Pyro, with the only notable difference being the fact he's hung into Aperture Science's ceiling via several black "tendrils".

His name comes from the fact he emits the sounds of a Cremator, a cut enemy from Half-Life 2 Beta.

Behaviour and Personality

The Cremapyro is a very territorial robotic freak who inhabits Aperture Science. He will stalk and kill any intruder he finds, independant of their team or alignment. The only beings he'll not attack on sight are Aperture Science Sentry Turrets, Rocket Turrets or TF2 Sentry Guns. However, if he's bothered or annoyed, he'll destroy turrets and enemies alike. He uses his black tendrils to move around Aperture Science's ceiling, never been seen walking with his legs.

Personality-wise, Cremapyro is cold and pity-less, attacking even GLaDOS without any concern. Upon the death of his Bluster Blaster Sentry ally, he showed no sights of caring about it, indicating he sees his allies more as tools than as friends.

Powers and Abilities

Cremapyro is a very strong robot, his physical strength greatly surpassing that of a Heavy. His skin is hard and resilient, being nearly bulletproof. Like other Pyros, he also has fire-based weaponry, and is by extension fireproof as well.

Cremapyro has a Black Box mounted on his right shoulder which he uses much like a Soldier. He can also summon Turrets to aid him in combat. Because he can detect all beings inside Aperture Science, ambushing Cremapyro can be very difficult.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Cremapyro can be evaded simply by staying away from his lair, as he never leaves it.
  • Shooting Cremapyro's air-tank enough times will cause it to explode, stunning him.
  • A Sniper was capable of stabbing a Bushwacka through Cremapyro's upper torso, showing some parts of his armor are softer and more sensible to damage.
  • Cremapyro's use of his tendrils to move around the ceilings may imply he cannot actually move without them. Cutting these tendrils may leave him immobile and open for attacks.

Notable Videos

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