Crack Cupcake
Crack Cupcake
Creator ugotaphonenumber
Creation 17 February 2012
Debut Meet Crack cupcake
Type Freak
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Capricious, violent
Fighting style Short-ranged
Abilities Enhanced fitness
Dynamite regurgitation
Limited telekinesis
Status Presumably Alive
Occupation Drug addict
Enemies Painis Cupcake

Crack Cupcake is a RED Soldier TF2 Freak created by YouTube user ugotaphonenumber.


Crack Cupcake resembles an ordinary RED Soldier who wears a Dr's Dapper Topper. However, there are no grenades strapped to his bandolier and he is usually seen holding and/or smoking his crack pipe with an demented expression on his face.

Personality and Behavior

Crack Cupcake is an impulsive drug addict who tends to show up unexpectedly. Upon arrival, he usually introduces himself and states how much he loves his crack pipe. Should anyone respond with hostility, Crack proceeds to react with violence, attacking and threatening everyone in his vicinity. While belligerent, he has a habit of departing abruptly whether his enemies have been actually defeated or not. Additionally, he will retreat if he finds himself outclassed.

He is extremely attached to his crack pipe. Theft of the item greatly infuriates him.

Every Christmas, Crack Cupcake attempts to sing a festive song in his distinctive screaming earrape style. This usually results in failure.

Powers and Abilities

Crack Cupcake boasts enhanced fitness typical for a TF2 Freak. As such, his physical strength, toughness and agility are far greater than that of a normal human. He was able to put up a fight against Painis Cupcake in a brawl.

One of his more unique abilities is to regurgitate a number of dynamite packs. Once he is ready, Crack quickly moves to a safe place and procures a detonator to set off the dynamite. The resultant explosion is quite powerful.

Additionally, he seems capable of using limited telekinesis under certain circumstances. When overpowered by Painis Cupcake, he was able to unleash a brief psychokinetic tempest that hurled everyone across the room he was in so that he could hastily retreat.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • While strong, there is clearly a limit to Crack's enhanced condition, seeing as Painis Cupcake decapitated him with a single punch to the head.
  • Dynamite regurgitation is a short-ranged ability and Crack actually requires to relocate before the explosives may be safely detonated. As such, it is possible to prevent him from escaping and using the dynamite without at least severely injuring himself.
  • He does not possess any known means of long-ranged combat.

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