Christian Pure Spy
The pure by nomnom09-d6gxtxr
Creator mit-332
Creation May 23rd 2012
Debut DW vs TK vs CBS - Episode 1 - The Capturing
Type Saint
Alignment Neutral Good
Attitude Stoic, polite
Fighting style Short ranged
Abilities Angelic and Holy Powers
Great Agility
Holy Weapons and Artifacts
Status Alive
Occupation Servant of God
Superiors Father Benjamin
Allies Christian Brutal Sniper
Enemies Team Killer
Devil Witchy (low rate)

Christian Pure Spy (CPS for short), is a WHT religious Spy TF2 Freak created by tumblr user mit-332 and popularized by his appearances in a series of videos made by Witchy and Lemurfot.

Appearance and Personality

Christian Pure Spy originally appeared as a Spy donning a pure white suit, but in his video appearances, he still dons the suit but wears the Exorcizor.

CPS wasn't originally religious, but in Lemurfot and Witchy's videos, he adopts a more religious character, similar to a pastor doing the work of God. He approaches situations in a calm manner unless provoked to a certain point and he is not however afraid to use force to deal with a threat. He's also a friend of Christian Brutal Sniper.

Powers and Abilities

Christian Pure Spy appears to be very agile while fighting and he's also quite skilled with his knife, thus making him a formidable short ranged opponent.

He also possesses angelic and holy powers that allows him to do many things, like creating portals as a means of transport, turning off the body of a person, disable electrical appliances, create small shockwaves or even perform minor telekinesis.

He also carries holy artifacts and weapons to hold back demonic beings or for fight, like a cross, a jar of holy water, a knife or even a book of the Bible.

Faults and Weaknesses

  • Even if his agility is impressive, his durability seems to be only slightly better than that of a regular Spy.
  • Using his powers too much will eventually weaken him to the point he cannot use them anymore until a certain time.


  • CPS appears to be an alter-ego of Christian Brutal Sniper. In mit-332's interpretation, there is no reference to religion in the character, continuing the joke on Christian Brutal Sniper's name "Why the hell is he Christian?".
  • Some rumors says that he was the BLK Spy in the video Lost in Nightmares.

Notable Videos

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