Cheese Scout
Cp coldfront0002
Creator AdmiralTrainstorm
Creation June 17, 2011
Debut Everyone sucks at
Type Freak
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Inhuman strength
Status Alive
Superiors Private Funnyman
Allies Spy of Influence
Enemies Captain Demoman

Cheese Scout is a RED Scout TF2 Freak created by YouTube user AdmiralTrainstorm.


It is unknown where Cheese Scout came from. Since he has been present, Cheese Scout has been a loyal member of Private Funnyman's entire unit, and he tags along with him with Spy of Influence and their RED Engineer.

It is very likely he has a history with Captain Demoman, which would explain his irrational hatred toward the latter.

Appearance and Behavior

Cheese Scout is a normal RED hatless Scout wearing an antique clock on his head. Though it is difficult to properly describe Cheese Scout, it is possible to sum him up well as an oddball. He is a member of Private Funnyman's apparent "entire unit" and though not as determined to uphold their honour, holds an even greater hatred for Captain Demoman than others, arriving with the intention to kill him at every chance he gets.

Most of the time, he introduces himself to new foes by yelling the same catchphrase, "I am CHEESE Scout, I will EAT you!". If the foe proves to be dishonorable, dangerous or Captain Demoman, he will proceed to rip the foe's leg. It is unknown if he stays true to his name and actually eats the legs he steals.

Though Cheese Scout has little to no relevance to actual cheese, he will occasionally make remarks revolving around it. Due to being part of Private Funnyman's entire unit, he is recognised as honourable.

Powers and Abilities

Cheese Scout possesses enhanced physical strength, easily overpowering any normal Scouts, being capable of ripping the limbs off of his victims, usually their legs, with very little effort. He is also capable of sliding across the floor, in a matter similar to Painis Cupcake, but without any sound.

Cheese Scout has also been shown to be a capable martial fighter, delivering powerful punches and kicks, and being able to leap high into the air.

Faults and Weaknesses

Quite possibly the extent of Cheese Scout's strength is lacking in TF2 Freak terms, despite being certainly tougher than mercenaries and Captain Demoman.

  • Easily the most exploitable weakness of Cheese Scout would be that when he attacks, he will usually only go for a single victim before leaving, and as a Scout, he is naturally pretty vulnerable.
  • If one could prevent him from actually getting his target, he would be easy to take care of.

Notable Videos

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