Captain Demoman
Captain Demoman
Creator AdmiralTrainstorm
Creation 26 April 2011
Debut Private Funnyman
recruits a minion
Type Local Idiot
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Obstinate
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Poor swordsmanship
Weaknesses Poor physical fitness
Status Repeatedly dying
Occupation Errant Warrior
Subordinates Robot Engie
Gravy Guitarman
Enemies Private Funnyman
Cheese Scout

Captain Demoman is an arrogant and self-obsessed RED Demoman TF2 Freak created by YouTube user AdmiralTrainstorm.


The Demoman who would become the Captain obtained his hat and sword through unknown means and took on the title of "Captain Demoman", despite not having a crew or even a ship for that matter.

He is frequently killed as a result of starting fights he clearly isn't going to win. However, he never learns from his mistakes and whenever he respawns, he's eager to find someone to start a fight with.

Through some miracle, Captain Demoman has actually managed to recruit two underlings, Robot Engie and Gravy Guitarman, and even though this becomes less surprising when one realizes the two underlings' lacking abilities, the former is widely considered to be stronger than his superior.

Appearance and Personality

Captain Demoman takes the form of a RED Demoman wearing a Tippler's Tricorne, as well as being equipped with an Eyelander nicknamed "Man-Fighting".

Captain Demoman has a passion for "face-to-face man-fighting", using his Eyelander to feebly attempt to challenge his foes. He is in complete denial, believing that no one is capable of defeating him in battle, when it's actually in reverse; virtually any TF2 Freak, Monster or often an average mercenary can easily make quick work of him with little to no effort.

He is incredibly foolhardy and will jump into any fighting opportunity he sees, which in the end, he is slayed by his challenger(s), removing his right to boast and proving him as a weaker foe.

Ever since he recruited his minions, he also spends a good chunk of his time chatting with them, usually about how stronger they are than most other Freaks.

Powers and Abilities

Captain Demoman's only real ability would be his dubious sword skills, but his arrogance and inexperience never fail to get him killed. In fact, so far he has only emerged victorious against distracted Spies.

He was once gifted a Chargin' Targe he used to defeat Cheese Scout, though the latter was taken off-guard in that instance. His preference for his sword however has apparently made him to never use it again.

Faults and Weaknesses

Firstly, Captain Demoman boldly challenges most individuals he encounters, including high-rank TF2 Freaks, which usually results in his inevitable, if temporary, demise.

Secondly, he is not exactly vocally gifted, as his greatest insult is "GO HOME!".

Also, if he actually manages to sneak on someone, he usually will render his effort useless by loudly introducing himself and shouting "IT IS mah face-to-face MAAAN-fightin'!".

And of course, if it was not enough simply being one of the weakest characters in the TF2 Freak World, he is accident-prone as well, so sometimes zero effort is required to dispose of him.

He has been killed by numerous individuals, including all members of Private Funnyman's entire unit, several strong Freaks such as Heavydile, Twitch, Handsome Rogue and Nightmare Medic, and even regular mercenaries.


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